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James has written about the Red Boat method and the rattan rings exclusively for Full Contact magazine in the past.

As of writing, Fook Yeung is still alive in Seattle at near 90 years old. He was a good friend of the late Bruce Lee's father. When Lee came to the United States after leaving Hong Kong and Yip Man, he trained for a while with Mr. Yeung, definitely polishing his skills. Lee, remember, had not completed his Wing Chun training under Yip Man.

Mr. Yeung used to perform martial arts roles with a Chinese opera company. As such, he had to study a number of arts in some depth. In addition to Wing Chun, he studied Baguazhang and Taijiquan, and possibly other arts. Although he still plays around with martial arts, most of his practice now is dedicated to the Omei Qigong forms.

Fook Yueng's Boxing is a rich method of martial arts that is effective for overall health/fitness development and is exceptionally functional for self-defense.

It is synthesized from over 160 martial art styles and Tien Shan Mountain Chi Kung by Fook Yueng, who was an actor in the Red Junk Opera and Kung Fu brother with the late Bruce Lee's father. The bringing-together of the styles was more a matter it fitting together, as after 70 years they become "all same". Fook Yueng has closed his hands for Kung Fu teaching, but several people are teaching his methods. David Harris was his number 1 adopted son.

Fook Yueng was like an Uncle to Bruce Lee and was the man who picked him up off the ship in Oakland and took him to Seattle, where as a favor to Bruce Lee's father he helped him get his start. The first thing Bruce Lee did after getting off the ship was to extend his hand to Fook and say, "Chi Sao" an invitation to play/stick hands. When he could not get through, he asked Fook to teach him. Bruce Lee trained with Fook from 1959 to about 1967 or so. Fook showed him the systems and Bruce was an adept student, and worked them to a very effective level. One of Bruce's favorite forms to practice was the Preying Mantis form. Fook grieved the passing of Bruce Lee and Bruce's son Brandon Lee, saying, "too soon, they died too soon". He has also suggested that Bruce Lee did more for Kung Fu in his few years on earth than had been done in the last 500 years. (Info from the Little Dojo)