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Spring Arm and Chi Sao Dummies

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  • BudoTec - Tec-Board Dummies

    The Wing Chun Tec Board makes it possible for beginners to use the basic Wing Chun techniques, as well as allowing advanced practitioners to train and perfect more complex techniques and Chi Sao exercises. Training of all the techniques in combination with pressure sensitivity is just as important as the training of complex shapes on the wooden dummy. The Tec Board allows you to actively and consciously feel the counter pressures and to convert them into the counter technique...
  • DragonBlast - SpringArm Dummies

    DragonBlast specializes in spring arm dummies and training devices for Wing Chun and JKD.  They have a variety of designs to choose from.
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Wing Chun Tec-Board with Leg - Chi Sao Spring Arm Dummy SPRING-ARM DUMMY: BudoTec - Wing Chun Tec-Board - Large
Sale Price: $1,599.00
You save $400.99!
Padded Spring Arm SPRING-ARM DUMMY: Warrior - Padded Spring Arm
Our Price: $89.99
You save $10.00!
BudoTec - Martial Arts Tec Panel (Small) SPRING-ARM DUMMY: BudoTec - Tec Panel - Small
Our Price: $525.00
You save $25.00!