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Bogdan Rosu

"Bogdan Rosu started his training in the fighting art of Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Evangelos, being one of his private and indoor students for several years. A brilliant student of the fighting art, he stood out even from the beginning as one of Sifu Evangelos' most talented students, showing high potential not only as a fighter but also as a teacher. Thus training for the Instructor's degree soon began. Through diligence and attention to detail, his path to attaining the knowledge offered by Sifu Evangelos was faster than usual.

Due to his previous experience in Shotokan Karate, he was able to compare Wing Chun to other fighting arts and see the logic and simplicity of the system. This allowed him to better grasp the concepts and accept them as being natural reactions in fighting and in everyday life. In May 2010 he obtained his degree with outstanding results.

His objectives include spreading the knowledge gained from Sifu Evangelos, thus allowing others to access their full potential as martial artists and individuals."

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