Affiliate Sign-up

The affiliate program is intended as an extra bonus for Wing Chun sites who link to us. If you have a link to Everything Wing Chun on your site, why not get paid for the traffic you generate?


Our physical store program pays 5% per item. It is not much, but we have very low markups on many items and it is the most we can offer site-wide... and it is something for just putting a link on your site. However, once someone comes to us through you, their purchases will always count towards your total. You will find that repeat customers will benefit you a lot.

We use PayPal, and only PayPal, to pay our affiliates. You must have a PayPal account to get paid. We pay for the physical item sales once a year. Once you sign up and are approved, you will receive an email with setup instructions for the program and your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. To see this URL and our banners you must sign-in and go to "My Account". The affiliate links are at the bottom of your account page.

Lastly - we will ask for your Tax info and Physical billing address to send checks - we are required to ask for this info, but don't use either at this time.


If you want to be an affiliate of our digital stores, they pay a whopping 25% per sale! You will get your own digital store to send people to and the payouts are monthly. (PlatformPurple will send the funds to you). This used to cost $99 to participate since you have your own webpage and store, but EWC affiliate can get their own store for free for a limited time. SIGN UP FOR DIGITAL STORE ON PLATFORM PURPLE HERE.