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Sifu Vik has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. After achieving a black belt in karate at an early age and winning many local tournaments he moved on to WTF (full contact) Tae Kwon Do and became regional champion, training with the Great Britain squad. He was introduced to Leung Ting's Wing Chun in 1995 and became the youngest 1st TG (black belt) at the age of 17. Sifu Vik opened his first class at age 18 and a little while after started training in Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai boxing. Looking for an effective weapons system, Sifu Vik found Escrima and training with 'Big' Paul Leslie and Master Steve Tappin in 2001.

As a competitive martial artist Sifu Vik became the WT Fighter Club champion, and eventually coach, after fighting and winning 100 full contact limited rules fights (with head guard). Sifu Vik has also fought in MMA competitions and in the 'Call2Arms' Escrima/MMA arena, whilst obtaining the British Kombata Full Contact Stick Fighting title (no pads on sticks) at the biggest martial arts show in Europe, Seni '08. What really made this win so impressive was that the Sifu was made to fight at heavyweight despite being at middleweight and the fact he obtained no damage whatsoever despite using real sticks.

Sifu Vik's pursuit of martial arts excellence led him to begin his studies in sports science and physical culture, and as a result was one of the first people in Europe to use Kettlebells for martial arts in Europe (2000). Recognising that leading-edge training techniques require an increased focus on the safety of the martial artist or athlete being taught, Sifu Vik sought and acquired certification from some of the most respected sports science coaches in the world - Pavel Tsatsouline and Scott Sonnon, becoming the only instructor in Europe qualified in Russian Kettlebells (RKC) obtaining Coach level in Circular Strength Training (CST) as well as becoming certified under record breaking and world champion Valery Fedorenko and the WKC. Sifu Vik is now a highly-respected sports and martial arts coach, having trained K-1 and Escrima champions. Sifu then furthered his knowledge into the rehabilitation field by obtaining corrective health exercise and structural bodywork qualifications off leading experts Paul Chek and the worlds leading authority in fascial bodywork, Tom Myers. He then decided to research and follow the more energetic systems and studied and gained qualifications in Chinese Tui Na and Chakra healing from Yoga systems.

Sifu Vik is one of the longest serving practitioners of Wing Tsun in the UK, completing the whole Wing Tsun system and is the most experienced instructor in the practical use of the art, both in the competitive arena and on the ‘street', having worked as a Door Supervisor for a number of years.

Sifu Vik is now the Chief Instructor for IMAS (Integrated Martial Arts System) based in the UK, using his in-depth knowledge of martial arts and sports science to produce superior martial artists in a rapid timescale and as well as the continual development of the WT system his main goal is to help as many people as he can obtain mastery of this system and of themselves as quickly and honestly as possible.

IYWC Online is now the portal in which he can help a greater audience of people ranging across the internet regardless if they train at a Wing Chun School or not.