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Important Notes on Pole SHIPPING and Warranty/Replacements:
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Ultimate Single LONG POLE: MasterPath - 2-Part Pole in Kotibe Wood [BACKORDER] LONG POLE: MasterPath - 2-Part Pole in Kotibe Wood (9 Ft / 274 cm)
List Price: $539.00
Our Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $359.00
You save $180.00!
Ultimate Single "Qwan Din" (Quan Dim)  Wood Long Pole (2-Part Pole) [Discontinued] LONG POLE: Buick Yip - 2-Part Ultimate Qwan Din Wood (Approx 108 inches)
List Price: $349.00
Our Price: $299.00
You save $50.00!
In Stock
Important Note on Poles/Warranty/Replacements:

All poles are checked for straightness before shipping and shipped in a narrow tube (warped poles will not fit!). They are also stored properly in the warehouse, and most are photographed for evidence of straightness. We are very conscious of the need to keep the poles straight. We consider a pole "warped" if an edge of the tip is not in line with the center of the base - so your pole would not arrive warped where the tip is totally out of alignment from the base. (To see this, on a photo draw a centerline from the center of the base to the center of the tip that runs down the pole).

What causes poles to warp is typically changes in humidity. For example, we ship from about a 50-60% humidity environment. If you are in 80% humidity, then the wood will absorb the moisture in the surrounding air and expand. It if does not expand uniformly then it warps. The same applies if your humidity is 20% and it sheds moisture in your environment. Being the nature of wood, there is absolutely nothing we can do about that... It is just the way things work.

We will work with you to replace/refund/partly-refund a warped or damaged pole (Due to the currently high shipping costs for poles over 94 inches, we, or the pole maker, reserve the right to refund you the price of the pole (vs sending a replacement)), but we have to be notified the day you get the pole and with clear photographic evidence. If you wait, then we can't tell if neglect or another factor (like humidity changes) caused the warp. We also ask that you check the pole for strength the day you receive it. Wood can and does break, but to determine if a pole is flawed upon arrival or damaged over time in training (including shocking it in the air) or by environmental changes (gets too brittle) you must test it immediately based on the suggested use for that wood type. We cannot replace a pole after one week. Lastly, please note that poles are technically guaranteed by the maker, not by us, but we help you as much as possible if there is an issue upon arrival.