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[SOLD OUT!] Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: TRAINING - BUICK YIP v9 - Hybrid 12 - Blunt - Satin
Butterfly Swords - Buick Yip and EWC v9 - Hybrid Style - Satin

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A quality pair of training swords at a great price. These swords from Everything Wing Chun and Buick Yip look awesome, feel great, and are an absolute steal for the price. (SATIN) Learn More >>
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Product Code: BJD-BY09-SATIN

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Butterfly Swords - Buick Yip and EWC v9 - Hybrid Style - Satin

If you need a quality pair of training swords at a great price, then look no further.

These satin finish swords are $10 less than the black or glossy because the end finish is not quite as refined. It should not matter at all since these are for training, but we think it deserves a discount.

These swords are the latest from a collaboration between Buick Yip and Everything Wing Chun that goes back several years. This is the 9th model of Buick Yip swords (of which EWC has helped collaborate on the last 7 models). Like all the others, this sword is a limited edition that will sell out. Only 100 are available.

This is a full tang sword so the handle and blade are one piece and will never come apart. No other sword on the market is full-tang at this price. (As a matter of fact, only our high-end models do this, and no other swords on the market from any maker has this feature). This model comes in a satin, glossy, or black finish.

The Chinese characters on the swords say "Wing Chun Passed Down Through Direct Linage. Chinese Martial Art Regains its Power" on the other. (also translated as Chinese Martial Art's Influence Prevails). That is the same quote that is outside the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA) in Hong Kong.

We wanted a price range that was affordable for you. Our Flagship line of swords (priced at $399+) are high-end Sifu-Level swords and an absolute steal at $399 (these swords easily sell for $800+). Even so, we know that $400 is a bit steep in this economy, so we wanted to introduce this mid-level sword for a great price. At $199 we think these swords are the best production sword on the market for under $250. It is the only solid training blade production sword on the market (out side of EWC's other swords, of course). If you don't need the high-quality of our flagship line of swords or just need a cheaper and solid blade for training, then these are the ones we recommend. They are good for 95% of training needs (everything except weapon vs weapon or sparring) and easy to maintain.

Measurements: (Approximate)

Blade length: 30 cm / 11.8 in
Overall length: 42 cm / 16.53 in
Blade width (at hand-guard): 6.5 cm / 2.56 in
Blade width (at widest point): 7.5 cm / 2.95
Sword weight: 1.5 kg // 3.30 lbs per pair (.75 kg // 1.65 lbs per sword)
Blade Steel: 420 Stainless
D-Guard: Stainless Steel

These blades have a ricasso. They have full handles for safety in training and the edge is 1-2mm thick and blunt. The tips are blunted for safety as well. These swords can be flipped.
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