Sales and Support Availability Notice

FROM FRI APR 30th - SAT MAY 8th, 2021

Our sales/support will not be able to reply in our normal timely manner. Our warehouse staff will be operating as normal.

  • We will NOT be taking phone calls during this time (but leave a message and we'll call you back after we return).
  • E-mail responses could be delayed up to 72 hours.
  • The warehouse staff and the processing of orders placed online will not change. Orders normally are prepared for shipment 15 minutes after they are placed during normal business hours. Your orders will go out on time, as is normal.

Why the down time? We will be traveling off-grid and will have no way to communicate with you some days.

We will reply on SAT MAY 8th, 2021 to all emails and phone calls.

Thanks for your patience and understanding with our travels. Wing Chun and traveling are our passions, and as much as we love you, our customers, sometimes our travels take us to places that don't allow us to communicate with you as regularly and quickly as we'd like to. We are a small company and need to take breaks to refresh and rejuvenate just like everyone else. That said, whenever we are out of touch, you all are in our thoughts and we really appreciate your willingness to give us the extra time needed to respond to your inquiries when we are on the road! Thanks so much for your support!