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Alan Orr - Warrior Fitness Manual & DVD (3 Tapes on 1 DVD)

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120-page combat fitness manual with over 150 photo illustrations PLUS a 3-tape video loaded with 2 hours 30 minutes of amazing workouts and attribute training tips! This package speaks for itself! Learn More >>
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Warrior Fitness Manual & DVD

Topics: Conditioning
Book: .pdf format only; Language: English


120-page combat fitness manual [Note: this is not only available as a .pdf. If you do not get it when you order, email us for a copy], featuring over 150 photo illustrations PLUS a 3-Tape DVD loaded with 2 hours 30 minutes of amazing workouts and attribute training tips! This package speaks for itself!

Ask yourself - Why do some martial artists achieve greatness whilst others never seem to reach their full potential?

When I started out in the martial arts, I used to spend most of my time training technique after technique. Like most people I'd do a few stretches, a bit of cardio and thought that I was in pretty good shape. It didn't take me long to find out that some opponents possessed an edge that I simply didn't. They would appear faster, stronger and had more power. They possessed, what I would later come to learn, a real 'Warrior' presence. I quickly recognized that this was the missing component in my training and I set about finding out how to achieve it.

After many years of research into fitness and conditioning and having trained with some of the world's top martial artists, I have decided to share the knowledge I have learnt in an exclusive new publication:

The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual

For a very small investment, you can now obtain all the devastatingly effective fitness, conditioning and nutritional information you could ever need to achieve real results in your training!

Imagine it. You feel stronger, fitter, with total mental focus. You are visibly more toned and feel healthier.
This time it will be your opponents left guessing as to what it is you are doing differently!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have a powerful, functional methodology at the core of your fitness and conditioning training.

Think about it. Optimum fitness really is the most powerful attribute that a martial artist can attain. With the groundbreaking approach of Warrior Fighting Fitness, all those techniques that you spend so much time learning will flow with a new energy and effectiveness. In short, Warrior Fighting Fitness will put you at the top of your game and streets ahead of the opposition!

Powerful secrets you will learn:

Awesome Abs - Ultimate core body exercises to get you ripped in no time!

Phenomenal Tendon Strength
- Specific exercises to develop the amazing functional tendon strength that many so-called 'bodybuilding' programmes ignore!

Real Punching Power - Exercise and drills to give you knockout intensity in your punching!

Skyrocket Your Power and Flexibility on the Ground - Unique grappling attribute drills!

Avoid Painful Injury -
Learn which joint is a disaster waiting to happen for many martial artists and how you can safely exercise it for maximum longevity!

Think You Know Press Ups? Think Again!
- All the variations and insider secrets you will ever need to achieve amazing strength from this popular, but often misunderstood exercise!

Feeding The Warrior -
Invaluable nutritional advice on creating and maintaining the Warrior body!

Warrior At Rest
- Advice on sleeping, recovery and meditation.

This really is a 24-hour programme for success!

Packed with info and over 150 photo illustrations, every top training tip and startlingly effective exercise for optimum fitness is contained within the pages of this great new manual.

The hard work is already done for you...

It could take you years and cost a small fortune to figure out the winning combinations that make some training programs work whilst others fall flat on their face!

So, instead of knocking your head against a brick wall trying to come up with just the right exercises and routines, you can now have everything you need in Warrior Fighting Fitness.

Ask yourself how many professional boxers and top-level martial artists look out of condition? The answer is 'not many'. At least, not those who actually win anything! Combat in any form puts great demands on both mind and body. The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual is built upon the actual functional exercises and training methodologies that will prepare you for survival in combat. With the information in this publication you will be ready for anything that life or your opponent throws at you!

No matter which martial art you study or what fitness level you've already attained, The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual will transform the way you approach your training. Remember, if you keep doing the same things over and over again, you'll only succeed in getting the same results. That's why the methods you will learn in this manual could prove to be the missing ingredient in your training - exactly like they were for me!

Okay, so what's the cost of this incredible resource?

Well, the information contained in The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual could easily sell for several hundred dollars. In fact, over the years, it has certainly cost me thousands to attain this knowledge and to be in a position to share it with you. At the absolute minimum you're getting thousands and thousands of pounds worth of my experience and knowledge.

But I don't intend to charge you anywhere near that kind of money for this publication. In fact, your total investment for a lifetime of conditioning knowledge is only $129.99.

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this amazing resource away?

Well, it's really quite simple. I have first-hand experience of the massive impact that safe and effective conditioning and fitness training can have on your goals. I want to give you the opportunity, like my students, to share this knowledge and really take your training to the next level!

But that's not all! The truly spectacular part of this offer is yet to come. Order your copy of The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual now and receive an EXCLUSIVE BONUS DVD CONTAINING THE THREE-TAPE Warrior Fighting Fitness Collection FOR ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA CHARGE!

That's right, we are giving away THREE BONUS INSTRUCTIONAL TAPES on a single DVD packed full of Warrior Fighting Fitness exercises and advice!

The FREE BONUS TAPES that you will receive on one DVD as part of this great offer:

FREE BONUS TAPE 1: (valued at $60.00) Warrior Fitness Conditioning Workout

Learn how to exercise the whole body for real results.
Warm ups and joint mobilizations for safe, effective training.
Core body exercises for power and incredible muscle tone.
Stretching secrets for achieving total flexibility - Learn how to trick your body into new levels of suppleness.
Learn simple yet astoundingly effective Yoga positions that are vital for any serious conditioning workout.

(valued at $60.00) Warrior Fighting Conditioning Workout

Discover isometric exercises that offer incredible gains in tendon strength.
Sensational lunge techniques that train both power and balance.
Swiss ball drills that will take your grappling to the next level!

FREE BONUS TAPE 3: (valued at $60.00) Warrior Ultimate Equipment Workout

Resistance band exercises that really do work!
Core body Swiss ball drills for achieving that sure-fire six-pack!
Medicine ball techniques for unsurpassed increases in stability and balance (NB: Many of my students say that the DVD is worth it for these exercises alone!)
Plyometric press ups that develop explosive power - Great for punchers!

Together these FREE bonuses are worth more than DOUBLE your investment in The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual, but they're all yours ABSOLUTELY FREE on a single DVD as part of this amazing deal!

So let me remind you that you will receive The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual, which should cost $187.24 at least, plus a DVD containing THREE TOP WORKOUT TAPES covering all areas of training. Each tape should cost $60.00 when sold individually, so in total you should be paying $367.24! But right now you can order the whole package for only $129.99.

Look at it this way: $129.99 really is a small investment when compared to the money you could waste on ineffective exercise programs and gimmicky training equipment this year. That's why...

You really can't afford not to invest in The Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual and fulfil your fitness potential!

Alan Orr

P.S. Don't just take my word for it. Check out the amazing testimonials that this publication has already received.

Series Testimonials:

"Warrior Fighting Fitness is a great tool for any martial artist who wants to achieve a more complete physical development. Alan has shown that he is constantly evolving as an instructor. This will get you in shape. I recommend this to everyone." Eddy Millis, 'Shark Tank LA'

"I received Warrior Fighting Fitness on Friday. It's great! Many new training drills that I haven't seen before and very useful info in the manual, besides the exercises. It's clear that you write with honest intentions and from personal experience. The feeling is very uplifting! Since it covers several aspects such as cardio, strength (specific/useful strength, or as you call it "real time strength") and specific drills for MAs, it covers the fitness/exercise part of a fighters training from A-Z." Kim Elman, Sweden

_IF YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT FITNESS THEN YOU SERIOUSLY NEED THIS MANUAL!!! I was blown away when I received the Warrior Fighting Fitness package. The manual itself is loaded with exercises, stretches and drills. If that's not enough (and it really should be!) the DVD has even more cool workouts. 'Value for money' is an understatement and I would recommend it to anyone. Surely a classic in the making. SY, England

"Over the years I must have sent off for every 'get ripped quick scheme' and protein pill on the market. The only thing that ever got any bigger was my credit card bill! A friend recommended Alan Orr's Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual and said it was a bit different. WOW, WAS HE RIGHT! Following the advice in the manual has turned my training around. I've gone from a hard-luck 'hard-gainer' to packing on 14lbs in the last 3 months! My body doesn't just look good though, as my girlfriend will happily tell you. I've also gained a 'real' strength that I just couldn't get near doing my old machine workouts. WARRIOR FIGHTING FITNESS IS A DIFFERENT CLASS TO OTHER PUBLICATIONS ON THE MARKET!"
MB, England

"Alan has managed to synthesise, in this DVD and manual, all aspects of supplementary training needed for today's martial artists, regardless of style. A kind of nucleus to draw from, either to fill in any gaps in your current routine or to give you a balanced and well-rounded programme to use from scratch. The advice given in this manual on nutrition, diet, relaxation etc. is a must, not only for your martial art training but for all-round health for daily living, especially in these stressful times. This DVD and manual set is a welcome and much needed addition for the modern martial artist." Phil Smale, UK (Homeopath, Remedial Masseur)

"I thought I knew a lot about conditioning but your manual made me think again. You have giving me so many new ideas to work on. Thank you." TJ, England

"Warrior Fighting Fitness is the best purchase I ever made. I was sick of being the class punchbag, but now I'm in top shape and kick ass every week in sparring! For the first time in my life I actually look and feel like a Warrior. I can't thank you enough." DM, England

"The exercises contained in the Warrior Fitness DVD and manual have opened my eyes to how to train in a manner which benefits my martial arts training. The exercises are clear and variations for all abilities are included. I would say that this would benefit anyone wishing to get in serious shape." Anthony Hull, UK
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