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DOWNLOAD: Cynthia Rothrock - Women's Self Defense
DOWNLOAD: Cynthia Rothrock - Women's Self Defense

You will learn the Vincent Lyn, Avi Nardia, Jim Wagner, Chris Saint Jacques, Evan Pantazi, Salvatore Oliva, Coronel Sanchis, Glenn Wilson, Victor Gutierrez and simple and effective techniques for violent situations.
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Cynthia Rothrock, one of the most reputed action film starts in Hollywood, presents us with a special project dedicated to feminine self-defense. Although women can reach excellence in Martial Arts in the same way that men can, learning self-defense techniques is something that must be within reach of any women.

For that, we will study some especially appropriate formulas with the help of some of the best experts in the world in this area: Vincent Lyn (Kung-Fu Ling Gar), Avi Nardia (Lotar Kapap), Jim Wagner (Reality-Based Self Protection), Chris Saint Jacques (Bodyguard, Police & Security), Evan Pantazi (Kyusho-Jitsu), Salvatore Oliva (Progressive Fighting System), Coronel Sanchis (Jukaikido), Glenn Wilson (Kung-Fu Pai Lum Tao), and Victor Gutierrez (Wing Tsun).

The video instructs one on simple and effective techniques in order to react adequately in the face of violent situations.

Languages included in video: English, Espanol, Deutsch, Italiano, Francais

Running Time: Approx 1 hour 16 minutes
Video Resolution: 720 x 576
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