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DOWNLOAD: Sifu Fernandez - WingTchunDo - Lesson 00 - Introduction and Advice [FREE!]
DOWNLOAD: Sifu Fernandez - WingTchunDo - Lesson 00 - Introduction & Advice

Free Introdution to the WingTchunDo course, including a PDF overview of the system and the different training methods. Learn More >>

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Product Code: PP-WCU_WTD-00-INTRO
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Lesson Information:

Lesson: 00 - Introduction and Advice
Grade: 01
Running Time: 57 minutes

Lesson Description:

This course comes with a supplementary PDF. Please check your Documents folder after downloading. The PDF give the details of the course and outlines the two main ways to study it.

In these videos we will take the first steps to understanding the way Sifu Fernandez teaches and, most importantly, what he considers 'best advice' - the legal ramifications of fighting. These lessons are free of charge and we hope they help you understand what you will be learning to some degree.

Course Info:

Teacher: Sifu Fernandez
Lineage 1: Ip Man -> Chu Shong Tin -> Jim Fung -> Sifu Fernandez -> You
Lineage 2: Ip Man -> Leung Ting -> Sifu Fernandez -> You
System: WingTchunDo
Course: Complete WingTchunDo System
Resolution: 720p HD or 1080p HD

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