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[SOLD OUT!] Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: IP MAN v0 (First Made) - Sharp
Ip Man Butterfly Swords - First Made Model

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Offered for sale here is our first prototype attempt to create a modern weapons-grade BJD based on the original Ip Man BJD. Learn More >>
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Product Code: Z-BJD-MP-IP01-PROTO

Description Notices / Warranty
Ip Man Butterfly Swords - First Made Model

Offered for sale here is our first prototype attempt to create a modern weapons-grade BJD based on the original Ip Man BJD. The D-Guard is far stronger and wastes a bit less space than the original. The mouth of the quillon is wide enough for flipping to a reverse grip unless you have a big hand. The quillon flows more than the original, which had an elbow bend up. Instead of a blob of steel, the handle is a comfortable pair of black Micarta-type scales over an American-style full tang. We have also used professionally tempered weapons-grade blade steel. This pair is our sterile (i.e., no logo) prototype.

The pair has some small cosmetic issues and discounted accordingly. It was sheathed once and, apparently due to an overly tight fit, has visible sheath wear-lines (faint scratching). We are not including the failed sheath. Each blade has one fuller parallel to the spine and one with a slight upwards angle towards the tip on the other. There is also some pinpoint pitting on the side of one blade that should have been polished out.

We are currently planning to do a limited production run with a few adjustments, including (at present) a rounder knuckle bow with wasted space and an elbow bend in the quillon that will better convey the aesthetic of the original.

The photos show the actual knives you will be receiving including the issues noted above. Every knife is handmade and differs slightly, so we have provided the key measurements.


Specific Specs For These Swords:
Series: Sifu Series SECOND. The Sifu series are unique designs and/or fine quality weapons.
Sword Type: Individual Full Handles.
Sword Construction: Conventional.

Blade Style: Chopper.
Blade Length: Approx 12 5/16" inches from tip to D-Guard along the spine.
Blade Material: Bohler D2 Weapons-Grade Tool Steel
Blade Grind: Lenticular Grind.
Blade Sharpness: Edge Martial Arts Sharp. Sharps are for display only, too dangerous for training.
Blade Thickness: 4.1 mm.
Blade Finish: Satin.
Ricasso: Yes.
Choil: No.

Total Length: Approx 17 5/16" inches.
Weight: Sword 1: Approx 2 lbs 4.7 oz (1043 grams)/ Sword 2: Approx 2 lbs 3.8 oz (1019 grams).

D-Guard Material: Cast AISI 304 stainless steel.
Knuckle Bow Design: Rounded, some intentional extra interior space.
Tang: Full tang.
Quillion Design: Hybrid.

Handle Type: Individual Full Handles.
Handle Pins: 3 large pins.
Handle Material: Black Linen Micartať-type material.
Grip Style: Full handles with a belly.
Balance Point: Roughly 2 1/2" towards the tip of the blade from the hilt (past the quillon tip).

Designed by: Modell Design LLC.
Sheath: None - the one pictured scratches the swords.
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