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WING CHUN WOODEN DUMMY: MasterPath - Free-Standing with Box (Made On Demand)
MasterPath - Free-Standing Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Box v2 (Made On Demand)

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MasterPath's made on demand free-standing wing chun wooden dummies have great specs and multiple options to choose from including linage specific legs, a box in the back, colors and more. The version of the dummy comes with the additional equipment box on the rear of the dummy stand. This box is a great way to store your equipment or weights and keep them out of sight while weighing down your dummy! We love this box! Learn More >>
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Availability: Made on Demand. Usually Drop-Shipped within 8-12 Weeks
Product Code: MYJ-MP-DMY02-FSTND-BOX

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Free-Standing Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (Made on Demand) Note: This dummy has some custom options that may not match the picture. Please be sure to pick the exact items you want.

The version of the dummy comes with the additional equipment box on the rear of the dummy stand. This box is a great way to store your equipment or weights and keep them out of sight while weighing down your dummy! We love this box!


This Free-Standing Wing Chun wooden dummy (aka Muk Yan Jong, or Mook Yan Jong) is perfect for training in when you cannot mount a dummy to a wall or have a limited space to place it (like Apartments, Condo's, Dorm Rooms, etc). Unlike traditional Mook Jongs that require wall mounting and take up a lot of space, this dummy can be placed anywhere with no installation required and is super easy to take with you if you move. Just pop the arms and legs out, slight the trunk off the base, and you are ready to go!

Quality and Wood:

This dummy is made in the USA to "western" standards of high-quality craftsmanship.

The dummy exterior, base exterior, arms, and legs are all made from high-quality ASH wood. It is an excellent wood for dummies and will last a very long time. The interior post and base trays are Douglas Fir. If you get the extra box on the rear, it is made from a quality plywood. Ash is used to make baseball bats and axe handles, so it is a great wood for the dummy exterior, arms and leg.

The dummy wood is stained deeply and a gloss finish is layered on to help protect the wood for a long time.


Our Wing Chun wooden dummies attach to the free-standing base by sliding down onto a post that is attached at the base. This model is adjustable for height and comes with additional spacers (4x 3/4 inch / 1.9 cm spacers).

The stand alone weighs approximately 35 pounds (15.8 kg) and is very sturdy without adding any additional weight to it. Of course, the rear of the base is made so that you can add weights to it. The best way to really weight down the dummy is to buy 50 lbs bags of play sand from a hardware store. They cost $3-4 per 50 lbs. So you can get 100 lbs and then just put those bags (unopened) in a container on the back of your dummy. That will bring the total weight up to 230 pounds and it will be really sturdy!

This dummy also comes with a equipment box that fits into the stand and is great for storing weights or extra gear and keeping it out of sight! The box is 20 lbs (9 kg) alone.

This dummy can also be mounted outdoors by simply burying a post into the ground and sliding the dummy down onto it giving you the ultimate training flexibility.

Finally, the dummy comes with holes in the sides for slats - so if you ever want to mount it to a wall or frame stand you can do so without hassle! (These slat holes are compatible with any Warrior Martial Arts stand if you wish to purchase one that you know will fit).


Our wooden dummy is constructed using traditional Ip Man / Koo Sang measurements, with slight modifications based on Wong Shun Leung, Ip Ching, and Duncan Leung dummies.

The height of the arms off the floor is 52 inches (1.32m) . The 4 spacers can make that 55 inches. If you need to raise it even higher you would have to build a small platform (the easiest thing is to put a 4x4 under each side of the base).

Dummy is 60 inches tall, with 9 inch diameter, and weighs 85 lbs + 10 lbs for the arms and legs. So approx 95 lbs for the dummy without the stand. The stand adds 40 lbs and the additional equipment box is 30 lbs. So the total weight is approx 165 lbs (~75kg).

Parallel or Traditional Arm settings:

The dummy arms naturally go into a more Parallel position by default. Traditional Wing Chun wooden dummies usually have staggered arms where the left arm is higher than the right arm. With our wooden dummy you can choose to have the arms staggered or level simply by rotating one of the arms. This gives you more flexibility and training options over the competition. If you rotate both arms you can get a large space between them, and if you rotate them one turn you can get a medium setting, but it can change the distance between the arm tips as well. So you have a few options if you don't want them to be parallel.

As for the arm construction, we laminate the ash. We've found that laminated arms actually hold up much better than solid pieces of wood. It requires more work on our end, but in the end it produces a better product. It basically gives the wood a plywood strength which is really important when it comes to the arms. If they ever develop a crack, the crack won't be able to penetrate past the first layer. The arms do not look like they've been laminated though, if you didn't know exactly what you were looking at, you'd swear that they were made with a solid piece of ash.

Alternate Legs:

We offer 3 legs with this dummy. 1) A standard dummy leg to Ip Man specs. 2) a leg with a concave shin used by Duncan Leung lineage (a private Ip Man disciple), and 3) a shaped leg, which matches Wong Shun Leung specs.


These dummies are currently drop-shipped from the carpenter. If you are overseas (EU/Australia/UK) we can get you a custom shipping quote - just email us with your full address. Typically shipping overseas is $600+ USD via UPS. And you must still pay all customs and VAT charges.

Build Time:

Build time can vary greatly based on the current queues.4 -8 weeks is a typical range depending on the time of year, etc. We try to pre-build as much of the dummy as possible to keep short wait times, but we can't guarantee how long it will take since it varies so much based on current demand.

General Specs:
Dummy Height: 60 inches for the body + 5 inches for the stand = 65 inches (1.65 meters)
Trunk Diameter: 9 inches
Dummy Weight: 95 lbs approx with arms and leg.
Total Weight : Approx 135 lbs (61 KG) + 30 lbs for Additional Box.
- From Floor to center of the top arms = 52 inches (1.32m) . The 4 spacers can make that 55 inches.
- Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 9.5" .
- Space Between mid arm and leg = 13" .
- Space between the tips of two upper arms = 9" when in parallel position.
- Slat Holes made to accommodate slats that are 2 1/8" tall by 1 1/4" wide.
- Space Between Slat holes for Mounting to Frame Stands = 42"
Leg Tenon is 2.25 x 2.25 inches thick.
Dummy Arm Tenons are 1 5/8" x 1 5/8"

Stand Specs:
Height : 5 inches
Depth : 34 inches
Width: 29 inches
Weight: 35 lbs approx

Box Specs:
Height : Approx 19 inches
Depth : Approx 18 inches
Width: Approx 27 inches
Weight: 20 lbs approx

* MasterPath offers a lifetime warranty on the dummy trunks.
* All dummies are constructed of a patented 9 board laminating process.
* All of our dummies interchangeable with all of Warrior dummy stands.

Build time:
Build time can vary greatly based on the current queues. This dummy can take 4-12 weeks to construct (depending on the current queue of orders) and drop-ships from the carpenter. We can't guarantee how long it will take since it varies so much based on current demand and queues. Average is about 7-8 weeks for most of the year. It can be 11-12 weeks around the holidays and tax season.
Please email for shipping quote to Canada or Worldwide.