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WING CHUN PVC DUMMY: MasterPath (Made on Demand)
MasterPath PVC Dummy

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These MasterPath PVC dummies are based on Warrior's. The come with a traditional arm shaft (not Warrior's proprietary one) and have multiple leg options. Learn More >>
Our Price: $599.00

Availability: Custom Made - see product description.
Product Code: MYJ-MP-PVC01-NOSTAND

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Description Notices / Warranty
MasterPath's PVC dummies are available in Black, Red, or White. The arms, leg, and stand will either come in black or unstained (so you can color it yourself at home).

These MasterPath PVC dummies are based on Warrior's. The come with a traditional arm shaft (not Warrior's proprietary one), have multiple leg options, and have a few extra stand options.

This dummy is made in the USA to "Western" standards of high-quality craftsmanship.


The PVC is a hard plastic, and a PVC dummy uses PVC to make the trunk/body of the dummy. The arms, legs, and stand are all wooden. The PVC dummy works will all of the listed stands - so if you want to change stands or upgrade to a wooden dummy trunk in the future you can easily do so.


The dummy arms and legs are all made from high-quality ASH wood. It is an excellent wood for dummies and will last a very long time. Ash is used in making baseball bats and ax handles, so it is a great wood for the dummy arms and leg. The dummy wood is stained deeply, and a gloss finish is layered on to help protect the wood for a long time.

Dummy Specs:

Our dummy is constructed using traditional Ip Man measurements and can be used by any student of the Ip Man lineage without worry.

The dummy is 60 inches tall, with an 8.75 diameter, and weighs approx 30 lbs + 10 lbs for the arms and legs + 15 lbs for the insert used with the free-standing stand. So approx 40-55 lbs for the dummy without the stand. Please keep in mind weights are an estimate only, as each dummy is different.

Level/Parallel or Traditional Arm settings:

The term parallel arms does not refer to the arms being parallel to each other (they are level with each other, not parallel). It refers to the fact that if you draw a line through the tips of the arms, that line is parallel to the floor. The arm tips are approximately level with each other.

These dummy arms naturally go into a more level/parallel position by default. Traditional Wing Chun wooden dummies usually have staggered arms where the left arm is higher than the right arm. With our wooden dummy, you can choose to have the arms staggered or level simply by rotating one of the arms. This gives you more flexibility and training options. If you rotate both arms you can get a large space between them, and if you rotate them one turn you can get a medium setting, but it can change the distance between the arm tips as well. So you have a few options if you don't want them to be parallel.

We realize some lineage/people want customer measurements for the arms. We can do that, usually for free, but costs based on your exact requirements. Just let us know what you need in the order notes or email us first.

Leg Options:

We offer 4 legs with this dummy.
1) A standard dummy leg to Ip Man specs. +0 USD
3) A leg with a concave shin used by Duncan Leung lineage (a private Ip Man disciple) +30 USD
4) A shaped leg, which matches Wong Shun Leung specs. +30 USD

General Specs:
HEIGHT : 60 inches + Stand
DIAMETER: 8.75 inches. PVC Wall thickness is .75 inches.
WEIGHT : Approx 35 lbs + 15 lbs for insert + stand
- Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5 inches
- Space Between mid arm and leg = 11 inches
- Space between the tips of two upper arms = 9 inches
- Slat Holes made to accommodate slats that are 2 1/8 inches tall by 1 1/4 inches wide.
- Space Between Slat Holes for Mounting to Frame Stands = 42 inches.

* All of our dummies interchangeable with all of our Warrior dummy stands.

*** SHIPPING ***
USA - The dummies are drop-shipped via FedEx for a flat rate of $85.
Everywhere else - Email us with your address and we will get a price for you. If you are in CANADA you can get a "quick and dirty" quote by doubling US shipping. Canada is usually a little less than 2x USA shipping. But to order, you will still need to contact us for a custom checkout. Typically shipping overseas is $400-600+ USD via FedEx. And you must still pay all customs and VAT charges.
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Build time:

Build time can vary greatly based on the current queues. This dummy can take 4-12 weeks to construct (depending on the current queue of orders) and drop-ships from the carpenter. We can't guarantee how long it will take since it varies so much based on current demand and queues. Quite often it is an 11-12 week wait. You will get an email after you place the order with the current estimated wait