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The Complete Applied Wing Chun System Course:

"This course will teach you the correct interpretation of Wing Chun principles for real combat and teach you the proper way to train them so they work when your life depends on it".


Why should you invest your time to watch these Applied Wing Chun Video lessons? After all, there are literally thousands of videos and books already on the subject of Wing Chun, and Grand Master Yip Man taught everyone the same things. So does the world really need another video lesson on this subject? Consider this. Yip Man did teach everyone the same techniques, but because everyone's understanding is not the same, there exists today many different interpretations of these applications and most importantly, different understandings of the principles that govern Wing Chun. The only true way to know for sure if your understanding of the principles and techniques of Wing Chun is correct, is to ultimately APPLY it to PROVE it in combat.

The lineage of Applied Wing Chun comes from Duncan Leung who was given the nick name of the "Wing Chun Warrior". He is a private disciple of Yip Man who had literally hundreds and hundreds of brutal fights while learning to apply his art. He has proven the principles and application of Wing Chun and has taught the same to many students, including the author of this video series, Larry Saccoia. Larry himself learned the application of Wing Chun through a countless number of fights.

In these video lessons Sifu Larry Saccoia explains and demonstrates these principles in a logical straight forward manner so they are easily understood. Understanding these principles as well as the correct way to train the techniques provides the foundation required to apply Wing Chun in a combat situation. These lessons are laid out in chronological manner as to allow the student to build a solid foundation and move forward to advanced studies. Therefore, it is recommended that even if you have previous experience in Wing Chun, you should still start from the beginning of Lesson 1 and work your way through each of the lessons in order. The same principles you might already be familiar with are likely presented (and more importantly, trained) in a way that you may not be familiar with (but that you will come to appreciate).

Download this Sifu Saccoia's Videos at the Wing Chun University

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Your Instructor for this Course:

Your teacher for Applied Wing Chun will be the man who has trained harder and longer than anyone else in the system, Sifu Larry Saccoia.

Applied Wing Chun Lineage
: Ip Man -> Duncan Leung -> Larry Saccoia -> You

At one time Wing Chun was a very obscure relatively unknown martial art. For many centuries it was only passed down from the Sifu to a few select students. In 1949 that all changed. That was the year Yip Man fled from communist controlled China to Hong Kong. It was then he was forced to teach Wing Chun to the public in order to support himself and his family. He had no idea at that time the seeds he planted there on the rooftops of Hong Kong would blossom into millions of practitioners being influenced by this art. If he had, he might have been more careful in selecting and teaching those who have represented Wing Chun to future generations. When one brash, but exceptional, young student shocked the world with fighting skill no one had ever seen before the seeds of Wing Chun were fertilized and the tree started to grow big, but unfortunately the root was not strong. Wing Chun is not a martial art that can be taught to a mass number of students at the same time. A Sifu has to pay attention and guide his student through the many steps along the road to true mastery, and that can not be done if his attention is divided among hundreds of students...

DUNCAN2In the early 1950's Duncan Leung was introduced to Wing Chun by his friend and classmate Bruce Lee. Both Duncan and Bruce learned Wing Chun in the same class under Yip Man for a couple of years, when one day Duncan came up to Yip Man and told him he was thinking of quitting the class. When Yip Man asked him why, Duncan replied, we are always learning the same old that all there is? Yip Man looked at Duncan and said, "Do you have 300 dollars a month"? Duncan asked, "why"? "Because that's what it would cost for me to teach you Wing Chun", replied Yip Man. This is not an offer that Yip Man made to just anyone. First, not many people could afford that kind of money. By way of comparison, all of the other classmates were paying Yip Man only 8HKD a month for class (including Bruce Lee and many other now-famous sifus) - 300/mo was 37.5 times more than anyone else was paying! Back then 300 Hong Kong dollars was equivalent to a police detectives monthly salary, but Duncan came from a wealthy family and his mother was able and willing to pay that amount to keep her son occupied and out of trouble. But also Yip Man saw some thing in Duncan that inspired him to want to teach him not just Wing Chun, but how to fight with it and apply it. So from that time on between 1955-59 Duncan never trained in the regular class. He trained privately with Yip Man and had his undivided attention. It was during that time he fully mastered the system and its application. Yip Man forced Duncan to fight in order to learn how to use the techniques and he is a veteran of literally hundreds and hundreds of savage fights. He earned the nickname of the Wing Chun Warrior and it is doubtful that any other student of Yip Man has as much fighting experience as Sifu Duncan Leung - even famed fighter Wong Shun Leung.

Larry-Saccoia-WCULarry Saccoia started learning Wing Chun from Duncan Leung in 1977 while he was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia serving in the U. S. Navy. During those days the students in Duncan's class trained no less than 4 hours a day 6 days a week and the training was so brutal that only the most dedicated of students survived more than a year. By 1981 in just 4 short years Larry became the most skilled student in the school and was acting as Sifu Leung's assistant instructor until 1985 when his wife, who then was his fianc‚e was accepted to Medical School in Richmond, Virginia to study dentistry. Larry moved to Richmond to be close to her and he opened his own Kung Fu studio and remained in Richmond teaching until his wife graduated from dental school. In 1991 he and his wife returned to Virginia Beach and it was at that time he formally became a Disciple of Sifu Duncan Leung and he continued to teach and run the Virginia Beach School until Sifu Leung formally retired from teaching in 2002. Like Duncan, Larry also learned the application of Wing Chun through the school of hard knocks being a veteran of countless fights where the blood on his clothes was never his. Today Larry continues to teach Applied Wing Chun privately in Chesapeake Virginia and has over 37 years of experience. He has spent more continuous time learning from and teaching along side Sifu Duncan Leung than any other person in the world; and as such is uniquely qualified to teach Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Download this Sifu Saccoia's Videos at the Wing Chun University