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Tim Lee

In 1996 Sifu Tim Lee started training with Sifu Dave Mitchell for six years learning the whole Chris Chan style of Wing Chun, except for the pole form. After Sifu Mitchell's school closed he joined his classmates in learning from Sifu "Barber" Bill Hernan, who was also a student of Chris Chan, but had also learned from GM Stanley Chan (Chan Kam-ming), Chris' older brother.... (bio Continued at the bottom of the page)

Lineage: Yip Man -> Stanley Chan -> Tim Lee (see bio for more details on lineage)
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Lee became a sifu under Sifu "Barber" Bill. More recently he has trained under Hernan's instructors, Grandmasters (GM) Stanley Chan (Chan Kam-Ming), a private student of the late Ip Man and GM Greg Yau, the nephew of Chan. From GM Chan he has learned the secrets of the classical & Pin Sun WC styles. Sifu Lee co-authored the book "Amazing Secrets of the Holistic Athlete", which is about ways to develop internal power and develop the holistic athlete with GM Yau. Lee now teaches Wing Chun & the Holistic Body Shaping privately, when he is not busy pursuing other interests or working on his next book.