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Jose Ortiz

In 1984 Sifu Ortiz began his path in the Ving Tsun system in Barcelona, Spain. In these early years he learned to appreciate the Ving Tsun and KungFu generally subsequently acquiring the base that would allow him access to other levels. In his pursuit of Ving Tsun had the opportunity to train for a few years with masters like Nino Bernardo and Victor Kan London. Also participated in some seminars late master Wong Shun Leung. Seeing that the latter method was adapted to his vision of Ving Tsun, went on to become a student of Clive Potter, with whom he was awarded the Instructor certificate in their association (Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association UK). He is currently recognized as a disciple of Grandmaster Chan Chee Man and entitled as instructor for GM Chan Chee Man and the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of Hong Kong. Since 1990 has been teaching about and publicizing the system of Ving Tsun.

Lineage: Yip Man - Chan Chee Man -> Jose Ortiz
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