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Leung Ting - Wing Tsun Kuen
Leung Ting - Wing Tsun Kuen

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Leung Ting - Wing Tsun Kuen

This is a masterpiece edition of Wing Tsun by Dr. Leung Ting, Grandmaster of Wing Tsun, intimate student of Grandmaster Yip Man (Bruce Leeís teacher) and president of the International Wing Tsun Association.

The book contains information on Wing Tsunís history, tales of Yip Man and the training system of Wing Tsun Kuen. Includes illustrations, theories and techniques for the Siu Nim Tau form, Chum Kiu form, Biu Tze Form and Muk Yan Chong, general principles, exercises and illustrations on Chi Sau, strength training, wall bag exercises, training with wooden dummies and much more.

8.5Ēx11.5Ē, 324 pp, hardcover book. 2010 edition currently available.