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Download this Sifu's Videos on Everything Wing Chun Instant Access Chan Chee Man was one of Yip Man's senior students. As a boy he knew Choy Le Fut, and sparred with his friend William Cheung a couple times. After taking a beating in the chest he went to train Ving Tsun at the Restaurant Worker's Union Building. He trained for a couple of months before he even knew it was Yip Man he was learning from, yet he trained slowly and learned the system well.

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Chan Chee Man and Jose Ortiz - Ving Tsun Keys (Book) (Download Only!) - Chan Chee Man Interview
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Chan Chee Man and Jose Ortiz - Ving Tsun Keys (Book) Chan Chee Man Wing Chun Interview
"There are many books on the market claiming to be the definitive text on the Ip Man Wing Chun lineage.  However, the content of this book and the author's unquestionable credentials give this one the look of feel of being the real deal..." (WCI Issue 8) A rare opportunity to own an interview with one of Yip Man's senior disciples. Watch the Grandmaster demonstrate Chi Sao techniques and the wooden dummy form. Listen to the different stories of Yip Man, William Cheung and others.