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Benny Meng - Unlocking the Wing Chun Code (Book)
Benny Meng - Unlocking the Wing Chun Code: Six Levels of Reality, Wisdom for Maximum Efficiency in Life

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Benny Meng - Unlocking the Wing Chun Code: Six Levels of Reality, Wisdom for Maximum Efficiency in Life (Book)
by Benny Meng and the Ving Tsun Museum

This book is the result of over 20 years of research into the process and creation of Wing Chun by Ving Tsun Museum Curator Benny Meng. In this book you will see the enlightened monkís creative process through the six wisdoms. Itís a process that allows you to see the how the martial art of Wing Chun originated from roots to surface (more on the ShopWingChun blog)

From the back cover:

Have you ever felt frustrated about achieving goals? Mystified about how the world works? Curious about your own potential?

Through Six Wisdoms, Benny Meng shares his own ebullient insights into keeping life fulfilling, creative and limitless.

You have more to offer than the life that is currently expressing through you!

Awaken your Warrior Spirit, for the courage to make your life both deeper and greater!

Six Wisdoms are a tool which help you to see the connectedness in all existence. To understand every aspect of life. Each Wisdom is a facet of a prism, together they allow you to see all the colors of the spectrum.

With Six Wisdoms, you are on a path of integrating all dimensions of who you are, Body Mind and Spirit. To incorporate these Wisdoms into your Being, requires first understanding, then action.

Learning and applying these principles, takes effort and persistence. But each step is precious.

Each step includes its own gift, and readies you for the next level of understanding.

This book involves both concepts and action. Let it be your companion on the path.

You will feel whole. You will gain insight. You will no longer be pulled in many directions, dissipating your power, but will move with clarity, and purpose. A unified self, in harmony with Time, Space and Energy.


The Six Wisdoms is are not only a universal truth in helping us see the different stages of reality and helping us in all aspects of our life, but a method to see how Wing Chun was create. By using, the Six Wisdoms we see that Wing Chun was create from the Principle / Faat level on up to the surface of tools and techniques. We cannot just create different techniques that connected to the principles, without knowing the principles and faat first. The Faat /Reality supports the principles, principles (Lei) support the concepts (Yi), concepts support the mechanics (Yin), thus the technique (Sik) is born. I personally use this understanding daily in my teaching and training methods and HIGHLY recommend this Book. I believe those that truly use and understand this teaching will fast track your Wing Chun understanding!
-Master Brad Ryan
Houston, TX

The six wisdom have no limitation in it's application. This can be pivotal in the understanding of not only martial arts but in realizing any skill. The information gained by using this as a format of understanding brings to light a perspective that goes beyond just one person point of view. The six wisdom offers a universal understanding to even the layman of practitioner. The book is an example and demonstration of mastery one's self and a finger pointing all of it's readers to a path of universal enlightenment. It is very clear and concise in it's delivery. This is a must read for all martial artist and anyone seeking a deeper universal understanding of Space,Energy and, time.
Chango Noaks Master instructor Indiana WC

Terena Fugate "The Six Wisdom" written by Grand Master Benny Meng is an invaluable tool for self improvement and self discovery. Although associated with Martial Arts training, the information provided is not limited to those concepts. Rather, the practice and study of each "wisdom" brings the reader closer to self actualization, and provides them with the tools to discover their true self and potential. No matter how many times you read through the material you will learn something new about yourself that can help you achieve clarity in making decisions and choices in your everyday life."

In grade school we learn about the Scientific Method that scientists use to prove a whether a hypothesis is true or false. The Six Wisdom is the scientific method for life skills. If you want to learn how to make better decisions and discover what is true and what is false in your own life, it pays to learn about the Six Wisdom.
Sifu Paul Mason from Cincinnati

Grandmaster Meng's book of the Six Wisdom is a must have have. Whether you are a martial artist wanting to improve your level of efficiency and effectiveness, or a non-martial artist who is interested in improving your quality of life, the lessons found within the Six Wisdom are invaluable treasures. I have improved my life and martial art skills through the teaching of the Six Wisdoms, and so can you.
Sifu Xan Smith