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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: CUSTOM-MADE - Your Own Baat Jaam Dao Design
Everything Wing Chun Custom Shop - Design Your Own Baat Jaam Dao (Butterfly Swords)
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Work with the Everything Wing Chun team to design your own custom set of butterfly swords for your school or lineage. Learn More >>
Our Price: $800.00

Product Code: BJD-CUSTOM

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Everything Wing Chun Custom Swords - Your Own Baat Jaam Dao Design

This service offers both single swords and productions runs of swords.

The $800 fee is for the cost of one prototype blade of your existing design (if you don't have one we can work with you to design and draw up blueprints, that runs about $400). It can take 1-2 more prototypes to get a design "exactly right" as there is always some variation on what the design is on paper and what the forge produces from that design and what it feels like in your hand. A lot of people want a personal design and this works for them. It is a great way to get a high-quality personally designed weapon at a low price (yes, $800 is REALLY low for custom work - it is all hand made).

In some cases, the costs can be more or less than $800. If for example, you want expensive materials, really complex grinds or etc the cost can be higher. If for example, you just want a training sword, we might be able to get the cost lower.

The real benefit of our service is with making 5-20 pairs of quality custom swords for a lineage/school. There are some upfront fees for prototyping and molds and dies, but the overall cost of the swords drop quite a bit as these are averaged into the per-item cost on larger production runs.

If either of these two things interests you, then this is the program you need. Please contact us with any questions.

Tired of getting poorly made BJD that are dangerous to use (loose blades, handles falling apart, or etc?) Tired of having to "make due" with a butterfly sword that is not to the correct specs for your lineage? We are too!

We made our own line of BJD to bring high-quality workmanship to the market for the first time. While doing our research we cataloged over 30 unique styles of BJD used in the Yip Man lineage. This is not surprising since BJD are supposed to be made to fit each individual's size and fighting style. If one of our outstanding EWC brand offerings does not meet your precise needs, please consider our Custom Shop service to turn your vision into an affordable reality.

The EWC Custom Shop provides you with five things you may not realize are important:
  1. EWC's expertise designing and sourcing high-quality BJD for a variety of styles, including affordable consultation by the prestigious US-based Modell Design LLC;
  2. Access to our experienced forge. The forge is a family business with expertise making the highest quality BJD we have ever offered for sale, including the long-gone integral knives, full tang, hidden tang and special projects BJD.
  3. The ability to do very small runs (a lot of Chinese/Asian sword factories will demand minimum orders of hundreds of pairs);
  4. Your choice of materials;
  5. The ability to do business at overseas forge prices without the risk of losing your money to an unqualified or unscrupulous actor;
  6. Use of our proven EWC brand D-Guards and blade styles to help keep costs down (and we have put a lot of budget into research and development over EWC's history).

Because we take your project so seriously, this program is very time intensive on our part so as a matter of respect between martial artists, please do not contact us about it unless you are serious.