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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: TRAINING 5-SIFU v5
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - TRAINING 5-SIFU

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These swords are part of our functional Training line, which focuses on brings you cost-effective high-quality training swords based on our weapons-grade models. The model is a William Cheung Lineage Stabber Blade. Learn More >>
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Description Notices / Warranty
Ultimate Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - TRAINING Line: 5-Sifu

These were designed based on input from Sifu Carmelino Huang Guiao II and four other instructors from the Grandmaster William Cheung lineage. Grandmaster Cheung had said that he liked the Hung Gar Long Stabbers but wanted something a bit more pointy. We think these fit the bill.

These training-grade swords are the first butterfly swords (that we know of) expertly designed specifically for the Grandmaster William Cheung Traditional Wing Chun lineage. They will stab, cut, and execute a back cut. The blade is Searle's bowie style in the format made popular and done so well by custom knife maker Bruce Bump. The D-Guard is an entirely new trapper design intended to improve both trapping and hand protection. Since these swords do not flip, there is no wasted space in the knucklebow. The butt is rounded and heavy steel to facilitate bashing. The ergonomic handle is straight to accommodate the back cut and percussion chops versus armor.

The scallop under the quillon is to assist trapping; it will not fit a hand. These are trapping only!

Every knife is handmade and differs slightly, so we have provided the approximate key measurements.

More Specs For This Sword:

Blade Thickness: 4mm at ricasso
Tip: Pointy but softened
Blade Sharpness: Blunt. Approx. 3mm thick for the primary cutting edge. Swage tapers from 4mm near quillon to 3mm near the tip. All cutting edge corners softened.
Tang: HiddenTang (the handle hides the tang).
D-Guard Metal: AISI 304 Stainless Steel, cast.
Knuckle-Bow: Minimizes surplus space, designed for a trapper.

Handle Material: Brown Laminated Stabilized Wood (designed to prevent cracking over time).
Handle Angle/Alignment: Straight Handle. The tip is above handle axis.
Handle Shape: Ergonomic with Belly and Palm-Swell.
Handle Type: Full Handles
Flipping vs Trapping: Trapping only. Cannot be held in reverse grip.

Sword Weight: Combat Weight - Each sword weighs approx 1 lbs 9.8 oz (733 grams) per sword. This is just the AVERAGE across all the swords of this model. Because they are handmade, swords in a pair can vary modestly in weight.

Blade Length: Approx. 14 1/16 inches measured along the spine from the front of the D-Guard to the tip
Total Length: Approx. 19 3/8 inches

Notes: These swords are hand-made. No two swords are perfectly identical. Small variations in the measurements are typical. Please read #2 under "Things you should know" and "Not Product Defects" under the warranty for more information.

Case/Sheath: Cheap Nylon 2-in-1.
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