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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: TRAINING WONG SHUN LEUNG (WSL) v5
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - TRAINING WONG SHUN LEUNG (WSL) REPLICA v2

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These swords are part of our functional Training line, which focuses on brings you cost-effective high-quality training swords based on our weapons-grade models. The model is a Wong Shun Leung (WSL) replica Chopper Blade. Learn More >>
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Ultimate Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - TRAINING Line: WONG SHUN LEUNG (WSL) REPLICAS

The late Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung gave a pair of Butterfly Knives to Tommy Y.K. Yuen. At that time the only BJD suitable for actual use in combat were full custom knives unaffordable by most martial arts practitioners. Most practitioners were forced to train with poorly designed low-quality swords (made by manufacturers with no understanding or love for the art) that were incapable of allowing users to feel how Wing Chun's techniques actually work. Sifu Yuen's student Alvin So, an engineer, agreed to design and source good replicas of the gift-pair suitable for combat but legal in Hong Kong. He commissioned small batches every two or three years for his Kung Fu brothers. The Alvin So knives are no longer available.

Offered for sale here is our current-generation training-grade BJD tailored for the WSL lineage. This is our take on making something the lineage needs, rather than a pure replica of the Tommy Yuen pair - it is an effort to integrate modern design elements, tactical materials, and construction methods.

Every knife is handmade and differs slightly, so we have provided the approximate key measurements.

Approx Specs For These Swords:
Series: Training Series.
Sword Type: Individual Full Handles.
Sword Construction: Conventional.

Blade Style: Chopper.
Blade Length: Approx 13 inches from tip to D Guard on the centerline axis.
Blade Material: 420 Stainless.
Blade Grind: Wide Hollow Grind.
Blade Sharpness: Blunt rounded 3mm edge for training safety.
Blade Thickness: 4.1 mm.
Blade Finish: Matte.
Ricasso: Yes.
Choil: No.

Total Length: Approx 17 13/16 inches.
Weight: Approx 2 lbs - about 930 grams each.
Tang: Welded Hidden full length tang.
D-Guard Material: Cast AISI 304 stainless steel.
Quillion Design: Trapping Only.
Knuckle Bow Design: Rounded, minimal extra interior space.

Handle Type: Individual Full Handles.
Handle Material: Pakkawood.
Grip Style: Full handles with a belly and palm hump.
Balance Point: Roughly 2 1/2" towards the tip of the blade from the hilt (past the quillon tip).

Designed by: Modell Design LLC Inspired By the Gift Pair.
Sheath: A two-in-on black Nylon sheath. (given as-is as a free gift).
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