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[SOLD OUT!] Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: ULTIMATE INTEGRAL - Drop Forged Hybrid 12 - Sharp
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Ultimate Drop Forged Chopper

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SOLD OUT! These professional-grade butterfly swords are the best on the market today, period. These swords have the look and feel of an expensive pair of custom made swords. Over 9 months of very hard work have gone into making these swords and we are proud to finally offer them for sale. These swords had a limited run of 50 pairs. Learn More >>
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Description Notices / Warranty
Integral Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Ultimate Drop Forged Chopper
(Wing Chun Butterfly Knives, Bart Jarm Do, Hudiedao)

If you want the highest quality Wing Chun swords on the market today, then look no further! These are the top Wing Chun swords on the market today short of full custom. Each knife is hot drop forged from a single piece of steel (the D Guard is integral to the blade) and the handle scales are triple-pinned and glued to a full tang. The balance is sweet.

These professional-grade butterfly swords were part of a limited edition run of only 50 pairs, and sold out fast!

These are the only limited production Bart Jarm Do specifically optimized for lineages that flip to and from a reverse grip and block/parry with the blade and flat. They are for individual practice and demonstrations. The design and steel choice is not suited for edge-on-edge weapon vs. weapon practice.

Every person who has bought these swords agrees that they are the best pair they have ever seen outside of expensive custom made swords - these swords have the look and feel of a $1000+ pair of butterfly swords.

You don't have to take our word for it, though. Check out Master Wong's impressions of the swords in the video below. He made this video for us because he liked the swords so much.

Recommended Care: Wipe steel down with rubbing alcohol after use. Keep waxed with Renaissance Wax. Keep dry and do not store in damp or humid area, or in direct sunlight. For More info read the full article: Combating Rust on Swords. Do not store any knife in its leather sheath!

Sword Highlights:

Sword Type: Individual Swords (not a 2-in-1 model).
Sword Construction: Integral via drop forging. (Like the way a hammer is made). The sword is one solid piece and very strong.
Blade Style: Hybrid Chopper (Chop in traditional Wing Chun fashion, but can also effectively stab).
Blade Length: Approx 11 7/8 inches along the spine.
Blade Material: Heat Treated Drop Forged 440C Stainless Steel. (A very high grade of stainless steel preferred by custom knife and sword makers).
Blade Edge: 
Very Wide Hollow Grind. (Best suited for cutting into flesh targets; can nick against other weapons or bone).
Blade Sharpness: Unsharpened (1mm thick). These swords can be sharpened and will hold a very fine edge.
Blade Thickness/Taper: Blade thickness starts at 6 mm and distal tapers to 3 mm.
Blade Finish: Production grade glossy finish. (Note: there are a few black dots on some swords - this is a normal result of drop forging and not a defect. Process to remove them all would raise the price significantly).
Ricasso: Yes. Approx 1.25 inches.
 Single functional fuller on the left side of each blade.
Quillion Design: S-Curve (designed for flipping and aggressive covering and attacking techniques; poor for trapping and potentially dangerous to your hand if you trap weapons instead of blocking or parrying them with edge)
Knuckle Bow Design:
 Rounded Ergonomic. Approx 1 inch between your hand and D-guard when held.
Knuckle Bow Type:
 Integral (part of sword, not a separate piece).
Handle Type:
 Full Handles
Handle Material: Black Laminated Stabilized Wood (designed to prevent cracking over time).
Handle Angle:
 Unique Ergonomic Handle Angle (gives more power through proper wrist alignment and torque).
Grip Style:
 Full handles with a belly to fit the hollow of the palm.
Balance Point: Approx 4 cm (1.6 in) into the blade from its base (ideal for flipping and to reduce wrist strain).
Total Length: Approx 17 inches. (some slight variance up to 1cm due to being hand made)
Sword Weight: Approx 1.1 kg or 2.4 lbs per sword. (some slight variance up to 1/10th lb due to being hand made. each knife paired with best match).
Designed by: Modell Design LLC for Everything Wing Chun
Sheath: A leather carry-all is included but not subject to warranty. Unless you use your fingers to spread the flaps the zipper sticks. NEVER STORE ANY KNIFE in a leather sheath - leather is for transport only.
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