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DOWNLOAD: Alan Orr - Body Structure Sparring 08: Pad Workout I
Alan Orr - Wing Chun Body Structure Sparring DVD 8: Pad Workout I

In this introduction to Body Structure Pad Training, you will learn the fundamentals of focus pad alignment, basic tools like the piercing punch, spring punch, thrusting punch, upper cut (bounce) punch, whipping punch, explosive punch and chain punch, combinations, defensive pad feeder drills, offensive control drill, progressive feeder drills and more! Learn More >>
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Body Structure Sparring Series DVD 8: Pad Workout I

Topics: Sparring/Fighting
Technical: DVD-R; NTSC Format (North American); Region Free

DVD Contents:

* Introduction to Body Structure Focus Pad Training
* Fundamentals of focus pad alignment
o Basic tools
+ Piercing punch
+ Spring punch
+ Thrusting punch
+ Upper cut (bounce) punch
+ Whipping punch
+ Explosive punch
+ Chain punch
o Combinations
+ Two punch combinations
+ Three punch combinations
+ Four punch combinations
+ Five and six punch combinations
+ Pad feeder drills: Defensive
+ Pad feeder drills: Offensive
+ Offensive control drill
+ Progressive feeder drills I
+ Progressive feeder drills II

Series Description:

Attention: All Serious Martial Artists!

It's fairly easy to get good, but if you want to get GREAT
then you need the video series that is taking the martial arts world by storm...

Body structure sparring - Wing Chun that REALLY works - Develop the body mechanics to bounce your opponent off the walls - Devastating knockout striking force - Learn how to control and master any fight!

What Is The No.1 Skill For A Top Fighter?

Put simply, it is being able to control your opponent with ease!

This really is the skill we all desire. For many years I had read stories of the ancient Masters with their awesome strength and ability to control opponents almost effortlessly.

But How Could I Turn The Story Into Reality?

The journey was long and arduous, but after many years of training and reflection I have discovered the key that unlocks this great mystery. At times it felt like it would always elude me, forever at my fingertips and never in my grasp. But now, the search is over and the answer so simple that it permeates everything we do...

Body Structure

These simple words describe an amazing conceptual system that few really understand and even fewer actually apply in combat. The Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun System is unique in its utilization of Body Structure to transform the way you train and fight.

But, maybe you think you know all about Wing Chun?

Maybe you think you have seen it all before?

Well, I can assure you that this video series really is different.

What I Am Showing Has Never Been Shown Before!!!

Before I discovered this system, I was close to throwing the towel in with my Wing Chun training. Even though I kept hearing that Wing Chun was the ultimate street fighting system, I still felt that what I had learnt was incomplete. Worse still, I didn't feel like I had the confidence to apply it. Faced with a bigger opponent, victory or defeat came down to nothing more than speed. I knew something was missing and I knew I had to discover it. When I found out about Body Structure I instantly recognized that it was the missing ingredient in my Wing Chun training.

Now, like me you may have heard others use this term, but what they say and what they actually do is very different. When I see their attempts to apply this concept I recognize a fundamental misunderstanding of what Body Structure is really all about.

Take my word for it, if my teacher hadn't taught me these secrets, I would not have worked out the conceptual application of Body Structure in this lifetime.

With this easy-to-follow video series, it will be simple to learn all of the knowledge that will transform your training like it transformed mine.


How It Works - No Forms, Just The Real Deal

This clear, accessible and well-structured series is a must if you train in Wing Chun of JKD! What's more, if you train in mixed Martial Arts or you grapple, then you simply cannot afford to let the knowledge contained in these tapes escape your grasp. You will strike harder without losing base and be able to take down your opponent with ease - without suffering a single hit!

The highly developed mental methods (Key Words Concepts) used to apply these amazing tools, make Body Structure an easy system to apply to your existing knowledge and skill. You will quickly be able to use in 'real time' the skills that you have already been training. With dramatic increases in control and power, this information is a must for any martial artist.

Whatever system you currently train, you need this ground-breaking video series!

Alan Orr Sifu

P.S. What you will learn from these tapes is totally different to anything already on the market - this is the best investment you could ever make to really fulfil your potential as a martial artist.

Series Testimonials:

"For the past 20 years I have been obsessed with Wing Chun, and part of this obsession has been reading every book and watching every video on the market. While most videos tend to present the same information on Wing Chun - forms, applications, Chi Sao, Mook Jong - and for good reason, there is little that differentiates them. However, my thirst for "something different" in Wing Chun videos/books was quenched after viewing Alan Orr's video series on Wing Chun Body Structure. Unlike other tapes on the market, it presents a deeper level of Wing Chun knowledge, that being proper body structure and internal energies applied to basic and advanced movements. Alan Orr is a skilful Wing Chun Sifu and mindful teacher whose own teacher, Robert Chu Sifu, should be proud of. And the rest of us can merely be grateful for tapes of this quality and material to be made available for public consumption."
Guro Mark Wiley renowned writer and Master of the Filipino Martial Arts

"These tapes are great. They have really given me deep understanding of how Wing Chun is supposed to work, and how you're supposed to apply it to utilize it to fullness. The Chu Sau Lei methods are the most complete I've ever seen in terms of body structure (which is what these tapes are mainly about). The first tape covers the basics and then the rest keeps adding new ideas and applications. They're made up so you don't just get a bunch of techniques, but you get ideas and concepts from which you can create endless applications. Every tape gives you new "layers" of information that merges with what you have already got. I care about my Wing Chun, and this has helped me immensely, and I'm sure it can for other people as well. But maybe you don't care...?"
Kim from Sweden.

"Warning: These videos could change the way you view and practice Wing Chun. I heard about Alan Orr Sifu and his teacher Robert Chu Sifu through the prevalent martial art media of the United Kingdom and the United States. I sought out further information about their methods through the internet and was delighted to find that Alan Orr Sifu had produced a set of videos concerning the applied basics of the Chu Lei Sau Wing Chun system. I jumped at the chance and, believe me, I'm very glad I did. Although I have yet to see the whole series, the tapes I have so far watched have opened my eyes to aspects of Wing Chun I have never learnt through any other source. The tapes have been packed full of information on Chu Lei Sau's practical approach to structure and the development and use of sensitivity and power within the framework of Wing Chun. Yet knowing that information is not enough. Alan Orr Sifu brings an array of drills and tests that allow the information to seep into your martial art practice and become truly yours. I'm really looking forward to the adventure the other tapes in the series will bring. My only sorrow is, that I don't live in the producer's, or his teacher's country."
Mike, 'The Wing Chun Study Group', Italy.

"At last, a Wing Chun tape that doesn't patronize the viewer with mysticism or bulls*t, the explanations Alan gives on the tape are clear and concise and the drills are very easy to follow. Most importantly, the tape also makes Wing Chun look like a viable fighting system and the information and drills contained in this series will, I'm sure, enhance the skills of any Wing Chun practitioner looking to improve their fighting skills and understanding of the art. I look forward to viewing the rest of the tapes in the series."
Chris Bougeard - Jersey Wing Chun Kuen

_Alan Orr is one of the most conscientious instructors around. He takes great pains to deliver the best material. His videos will help you a great deal.
Matt Furey, author of Combat Conditioning

"I would just like to say that the tapes I have watched so far have been excellent and brought new insights and ideas into every aspect of my Wing Chun training. The concepts are explained in a simple and easy to understand way. I would certainly recommend these tapes to any student of martial arts who wishes to improve their knowledge."

"Forget what style or lineage you train, these videos contain tools to help every martial arts student excel in their understanding of body structure and making it work. The videos are clear and to the point and deliver excellent information. Without a doubt some of the best quality video production and well organized curriculum I have seen in a martial arts video series in a long time. By far the best Wing Chun Video series available today."
David McKinnon, San Diego, California

"I loved the videos... I have heard some chatter that Wing Chun is only good in theory, or that Wing Chun has 'nonexistent footwork'. These beefs are true to some extent [in] the way some practice Wing Chun, but the videos remedy that. I just wanted to add that I am a twenty year Wing Chun practitioner through four different lineages, but have never had it put so functional as in your videos."
Jim Hewitt, Lake Taheo, USA

"I would just like to say thank you for producing such a fantastic and inspiring video series. After having had an operation and with the prospect of being laid up for two months, my girlfriend bought me your Body Structure Sparring video series to keep me occupied. It was excellent! It answered questions I've had for ages! Questions that teachers refuse to discuss! Thank You."
Terry Page, Norfolk
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