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DOWNLOAD: Bundle - Alan Orr - Body Structure Sparring - Main Collection
Bundle - Alan Orr - Body Structure Sparring - Main Set

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Get the main 7 Disk set. "Wing Chun that REALLY works. Learn how to control and master any fight!" Learn More >>
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Bundle - Alan Orr - Body Structure Sparring: DVDs 1-7

DVD 1 - Fundamentals I - The Key to Controlling Your Opponent
DVD 2 - Fundamental Skills II - Footwork and Body Structure Power Punching
DVD 3 - Intermediate I - Understanding Defensive Tools
DVD 4 - Intermediate II - Close Range Body Structure Striking Tools and Concepts
DVD 5 - Advanced Skills I - Advanced Use of Tools and Training Concepts
DVD 6 - Advanced Skills II - Advanced Concepts and Principles
DVD 7 - Sparring Combat Visualizations/Mental Skills

Attention: All Serious Martial Artists!

It's fairly easy to get good, but if you want to get GREAT,
then you need the video series that is taking the martial arts world by storm...

Body structure sparring: Wing Chun that REALLY works! Develop the body mechanics to bounce your opponent off the walls, devastating knockout striking force and learn how to control and master any fight!

What is the no. 1 skill for a top fighter?

Put simply, it is being able to control your opponent with ease!

This really is the skill we all desire. For many years I had read stories of the ancient Masters with their awesome strength and ability to control opponents almost effortlessly.

But how could I turn the story into reality?

The journey was long and arduous, but after many years of training and reflection I have discovered the key that unlocks this great mystery. At times it felt like it would always elude me, forever at my fingertips and never in my grasp. But now, the search is over and the answer so simple that it permeates everything we do.

Body Structure

These simple words describe an amazing conceptual system that few really understand and even fewer actually apply in combat. The Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun System is unique in its utilization of Body Structure to transform the way you train and fight.

But, maybe you think you know all about Wing Chun?

Maybe you think you have seen it all before?

Well, I can assure you that this video series really is different.

What I am showing has never been shown before!!!

Before I discovered this system, I was close to throwing the towel in with my Wing Chun training. Even though I kept hearing that Wing Chun was the ultimate street fighting system, I still felt that what I had learnt was incomplete. Worse still, I didn't feel like I had the confidence to apply it. Faced with a bigger opponent, victory or defeat came down to nothing more than speed. I knew something was missing and I knew I had to discover it. When I found out about Body Structure I instantly recognized that it was the missing ingredient in my Wing Chun training.

Now, like me you may have heard others use this term, but what they say and what they actually do is very different. When I see their attempts to apply this concept I recognize a fundamental misunderstanding of what Body Structure is really all about.

Take my word for it, if my teacher hadn't taught me these secrets, I would not have worked out the conceptual application of Body Structure in this lifetime.

With this easy-to-follow video series, it will be simple to learn the knowledge that will transform your training like it transformed mine.


No forms, just the real deal.

This clear, accessible and well-structured series is a must if you train in Wing Chun of JKD! What's more, if you train in mixed Martial Arts or you grapple then you simply cannot afford to let the knowledge contained in these tapes escape your grasp. You will strike harder without losing base and be able to take down your opponent with ease - without suffering a single hit!

The highly developed mental methods (Key Words Concepts) used to apply these amazing tools make Body Structure an easy system to apply to your existing knowledge and skill. You will quickly be able to use in 'Real Time' the skills that you have already been training. With dramatic increases in control and power, this information is a must for any Martial Artist.

Whatever system you currently train you need this ground-breaking video series!

Alan Orr Sifu

P.S. What you will learn from these tapes is totally different to anything already on the market. This is the best investment you could ever make to really fulfill your potential as a martial artist.
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