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Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal - Sight Beyond Sight (2 DVD Set)

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Energy Drills to Develop Sensitivity and Adaptability Learn More >>
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Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal - Sight Beyond Sight (2 DVD Set)

Sifu Singh is a descendant of an unbroken lineage of masters, He has spent years studying with masters and eating the bitter pill, training and teaching so he can pass on the ancient arts to a modern, cutting edge audience. His science of movement, fighting, wellness, and strategy is an evolution of a global journey spanning continents and cultures. It culminates in the present system which he teaches to Navy SEALS,U.S. Secret Service, SWAT Commanders and Police Captains, executives, FBI, CIA, CEO's, DEA, professional athletes, elite law enforcement personnel throughout the United States, as well as other foreign and domestic military and intelligence agencies. When the situation demands impeccability and zero margin of error, Singh is called upon to train our nation's most elite fighting forces.

Vol 4 & 5 - Energy Drills to Develop Sensitivity and Adaptability
Approx 110 Mins

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Outline of what you will learn:

1. 378 - Introduction to the Definition of Sensitivity and the ability to Adapt to energy, forces, or pressures.
2. 379 - We want to give our Limbs the Ability to Act and React on their own, without thought, no thinking necessary.
3. 380 - How to Be like Water and Adapt to other structures. How to Blend Wing Chun Chi Sao Structures with Wrestling Structures with Kali Knife Structures.
4. 381 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - The Proper Shell
a. How To Do the Proper Structure
b. Bong Sao Blocks & Wu Sao is Ready
c. Elbow Energy Goes into the Center
d. Keep the Fist Vertical, for power and centerline defense, especially against the grappling and the takedown
e. Make sure to wait, and listen to your partner so you can feel what they are doing.
f. Change the speed, break up the tempo
5. 382 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - The Simple Switch
6. 383 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - Hit to the Middle(Center) and Switch
a. Partner Responds to the Hit to the Center by Cutting over the top with a Chun Choi, Instantly respond to this Chun Choi, with a Bong Sao , and start the drill again.
7. 384 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - Outside High Hit with Shifting Chun Choi
a. Partner Responds with a shifting Bong Sao
b. Make sure to work all responses and switches learned so far
8. 385 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - Inside High Hit, coming up your centerline
a. Partner has to respond by turning base and attacking the attack with a Cutting Chun Choi of their own
b. After the Cutting Chun Choi if you still feel your partners energy pushing into you or resisting your, then Jut Sao and return a Chun Choi, your partner will respond with a Bong Sao and put you back into the drill.
9. 386 - Inside Pac Sao vs Neck Clinch
a. from the Lop Sao Drill
b. Feed Repeating Neck Clinch to practice Inside Pac Sao
10. 387 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - Add the Parry Re-Post Energy
a. Do a simple switch and then Pac, Lop, and Hit
b. Partner responds with and Inside Pac Sao to deflect your hit, and then returns a Sut Sao, you use a Chun Choi and Cut over the Top, your partner turns that into a Bong Sao, and now you can continue the Lop Sao Drill.
11. 388 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - Add the Bong-Lop-Chop-Hit Reactions
a. Bong-Lop-Chop-Hit Outside High-Hit Inside Low
b. Bong-Lop-Chop-Hit Inside Low-Outside High
12. 389 - The Lop Sao Energy Drill - The Shadow Pac Sao
a. Follow-up with Biu Jee-Lop Sao
13. 390 - Test Scene
14. 391 - Leung Sheung's 5 Element Theory
a. Chin Down
b. Knees Point Inward
c. Hips Forward
d. Sink the body
e. Elbow Energy
i. Elbow must seek the bodies centerline
ii. Keep the Elbow at least One Fist Apart from the Body
15. 392 - Leung Sheung's 5 Element Theory Applied to Chi-Sao
a. What Not to Do - Don't Roll Your Arms
b. What Not to Do - Don't Push In and Out
16. 393 - Combine the Chi-Sao and Lop Sao Energy Drills
17. 394 - Chi-Sao Attacks
a. Attack # 1- Turn Tan Sao Da - Hit the Outside High Gate
b. Attack #2 - Turn Tan Sao - Hit the Inside High Gate with the Tan Sao Hand
c. Attack #3 - Turn Tan Sao Da - Hit the Outside and Inside Gates in Combinations
18. 395 - Chi-Sao Attacks
a. Attack #4 - Inside Pac Sao and Backfist over the Top to the inside High Gate
b. Attack $5 - Hit to the Inside to get reaction, then bong sao lop sao sut sao, go inside and then back to the outside.
19. 396 - The Wrestlers Pummel Energy Drill
a. Bicept Pummel
b. Body Pummel
c. Wrist Pummel
20. 397 - Combine Chi-Sao, Lop Sao, and Wrestlers Pummel Energy Drills
21. 398 - Start with the Wrestlers Bicept Pummel Energy Drill
a. Intercept the Body Clinch, or the attempt at a body pummel, with a Jeet Jong Sao, Intercepting Forearm Hack to the neck
b. Follow-Up with Boxing Punches or Cutting Elbows
22. 399 - Start with the Wrestlers Bicept Pummel Energy Drill
a. Your Partner shoots for a Takedown, you respond by feeling the level change, and doing the Wrestlers Head and Armpit Defence to stop the Takedown, and redirect the force. You can follow-up with the knee.
23. 400 - Combine the Wrestlers Body Clinch Energy with the Takedown Energy. The Wrestler attacks in a High-Low-High shoot re-shoot mentality.
a. Body Clinch - Takedown
b. Takedown-Takedown-Body Clinch
c. Takedown - Body Clinch- Takedown
24. 401 - Start with the Wrestlers Bicept Pummel Energy Drill
a. Insert Hits on the Half-Beats after performing the appropriate defense.
25. 402 - The Thai Boxer's Neck Clinch - The Shell and Purpose
a. First learn to Swim and get the Neck as a flow drill
b. You can then do it more like a sparring match and increase the energy
26. 403 - Leung Sheung's Feeding Hand Energy Drill
a. Combine all of the drills and structures
b. One Side Feeds a constantly changing attacking energy, that the receiver needs to adapt and adjust too.
27. 404 - Enter the Blade - Introduction to Benefits of two Knife Drills to develop speed, timing, line familiarization, engaging and dis-engaging, and footwork.
28. 405 - Enter the Blade - History of Filipino Martial Arts and the Influence of the Knife on modern Boxing.
29. 406 - Enter the Blade - The "U" Drill Structure and Shell
a. Right Hand vs Blade
b. Left Hand vs Blade
c. Right and Left Hand vs Blade
d. Right and Left hand Vs Blade and Feeder Can Pac Sao
30. 407 - Enter The Blade - The "U" Drill
a. Feeder adds the Swipe Motion
b. Feeder Changes Levels
31. 408 - Test Scene
32. 409 - Enter The Blade - The "U" Drill
a. Feeder adds a Rear Cross, Receiver will Pac Sao and Biu Jee the Cross
33. 410 - Enter The Blade - Hubbad Energy Drill Introduction
a. To Tie and Un-Tie the Hands
34. 411 - Test Scene
35. 412 - Enter The Blade - Hubbad Energy Drill with the Stick
a. Biu Jee -Raise-Slap-Hit
36. 413 - Test Scene
37. 414 - Enter The Blade - Hubbad Energy Drill Knife vs Empty Hand
a. Biu Jee - Raise - Slap - Hit
b. Ride It - Biu Jee - Bong Sao - Tan Sao - Hit
38. 415 - Enter The Blade - Chi Sao with a Knife
a. Feed the X pattern
b. Feed an Angle #1 and an Angle # 4, or Slash the throat, and try to slash horizontally at the belly.
c. Feeder can dis-engage and switch to the "U" Drill
39. 416 - Enter The Blade - Combine All 3 Drills
a. Combine Chi Sao, Hubbad, and "U" Drill with a Knife
b. Practice Changing Levels and Engaging and Dis-Engaging
40. 417 - Combine Knife Energy Drills with Grappling Energy Drills
a. One Side Feeds the Knife Energy Drills of Hubbad, Chi-Sao, and "U" Drill
b. Drop the Blade, and then the other Side Starts to feed Body Clinch and Take Down Energy out of the Bicept Pummel
41. 418 - Combine Knife, Grappling, and Trapping Energy Drills
a. One Side Feeds the Knife - Grappling - and Trapping Energies, like the Leung Sheung Style Drill.
42. 419 - Conclusion
43. 420 - Group Demo
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