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James Sinclair - Pure and Simple DVD - Wing Chun

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This training tape is useful to both beginners and instructors as a valuable reference resource. This video covers: the centerline theory, centerline punch, side punch, multiple punching including sort, distance dower, weight shifting and the turning punch, stance and footwork, distance judgement, wall bag and hand conditioning, and siu nim tao Learn More >>
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James Sinclair - Pure and Simple DVD (PAL Format)

Learn a great foundation from a renowned Wing Chun Fighter!

"During Master Sinclair's 25 years in martial arts he has fought numerous semi-contact competitions, as well as some boxing, full contact and Thai training and sparring. James also fought many private martial art challenge matches with no rules. He has since retired to concentrate on teaching."

This is the first in a series of instructional material produced by the United Kingdom Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and feature Master teacher, James Sinclair.

This series came into being after many requests by students and public alike for a realistic and professionally presented private training system. This training DVD is useful to both beginners and instructors as a valuable reference resource. It also uniquely offers a great opportunity to those students unable to attend classes, allowing them the opportunity to study the dynamic and effective Wing Chun Kung Fu system at home.

This video covers:

* The Center Line Theory
* Center Line Punch
* Side Punch
* Multiple Punching including Short Distance Power
* Weight shifting and the turning punch
* Stance andamp; Footwork
* Distance Judgement
* Wall bag and Hand Conditioning
* Sui Nim Tao (Little Idea Form)

We acknowledge that no DVD can completely replace a good teacher, but it is hoped you will find this series educational, useful, inspirational and entertaining.

Martial Arts Illustrated stated in Feb 2000: "James' video is the business, and will certainly prove beneficial to the viewer regardless of the style or system that they practice".

WITH MUSIC BY 'THE PRODIGY' (permission kindly given by Liam Howlett)

Language: English
Length: 1 hour 45 minutes approx.
Format: PAL
DVD Region: Region 0: Region Free
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