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DOWNLOAD: Lamar Davis - Original Jeet Kune Do 05/20 - Intercepting Fist / Stop Kicking
Lamar Davis - Original Jeet Kune Do Complete 5/20 - Intercepting Fist / Stop Kicking

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In this volume, you will learn to use the proper tools to intercept an opponent's initial attack, and end a fight before it can even get started. Learn More >>
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Volume 5 - Intercepting Fist / Stop Kicking

Jeet Kune Do means "Intercepting Fist Way", or "Way of the Intercepting Fist", so as you might imagine, the ability to strike quickly and non-telegraphically is quite important in the art of Jeet Kune Do. The interception is not always done with the fist, however. It could be a finger jab, or even the foot. In this volume, you will learn to use the proper tools to intercept an opponent's initial attack, and end a fight before it can even get started. You will learn about stop kicks, and which kicks to use to stop various attacks from the opponent. This volume contains many important drills to improve your speed, power and non-telegraphic striking ability. Many of these drills are shown for the first time ever here!

Proper Body Mechanics
Vertical Fist Structure
The Basic Intercepting Fist
Four Phase Extension Drill
Telegraph Drill
Retraction Drill
Two-man Intercepting Fist Drill
Six-phase Intercepting Fist Drill
Three-man Intercepting Fist Drill
Single Glove Reaction Speed Drill
Double Glove Reaction Speed Drill
The Stop Kick
Passive vs. Aggressive Kicking
Side Stop Kick
Stamping Stop Kick
Oblique Stop Kick
Back Stop Kick
Spin Back Stop Kick
Stop Kick Free-style Execution Drill

Resolution*: 634 x 480
Running Time: Approx 1 hour 40 mins

*This video comes from a VHS converted to DVD converted to Digital. Every effort was made to keep the quality high and at DVD resolution but there was not a lot of editing so you may see static and VHS commands on the screen - especially at the beginning and end of the video.


This instructional video series on Bruce Lee's Original Jeet Kune Do was in the making over a long period of time. My goal was to present the most in-depth and complete guide to training in Bruce Lee's fighting methods ever completed. What resulted was this twenty volume set. It was originally filmed on VHS, then later converted to DVD when VHS suddenly found itself outdated. What will never become outdated, however, is the material shown and taught on these videos. The material taught and demonstrated on these videos comes from all three of Bruce Lee's major schools in the United States (Seattle, Oakland and L.A. Chinatown). It is by far the most complete presentation of this material, and will probably remain so for all of time! It represents my life's work in Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, and will stand for all of time as my body of work to preserve Bruce Lee's original teaching, training and fighting methods. I hope you find this material useful (and entertaining), and that you can get something from it that may one day save your life or the life of a loved one! If that happens, then it has served its purpose! - Sifu Lamar M. Davis II
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