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DOWNLOAD: Bundle - Sifu Fernandez - Wing Tchun Do - Grades 1-5 Collection
Sifu Fernandez - Wing Tchun Do - Grades 1-5 Set

Great video footage explaining how to get started in the world of WingTchunDo (Wing Chun). Master Fernandez is a highly recognized exponent of Wing Chun Kung Fu having trained with direct disciples of the Great Grandmaster Yip Man. Master Fernandez aims to bring a realistic view of Wing Chun applied to realistic street applications. Learn More >>
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Sifu Fernandez - Wing Tchun Do - Grades 1-5 Set

This 7 DVD set contains all you need to go through the first 5 grading levels of the Wing Tchun Do (Wing Chun) system. Buy all together and save!



Fighterman has released a complete package of high quality videos for all people wanting to learn real world self defense.

These videos are unique as they are the standards used in all the schools of WingTchunDo throughout the world.

They have long valued content each video surpassing from 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Grades 1-5 are all priced at a low affordable price and is guaranteed to help you improve your Wing Chun skills in any context.

Master Fernandez is celebrating 40 years in his martial arts journey beginning in September of 1972 shortly before the passing of the great legend great Grandmaster Yip Man.

Master Fernandez has many years of hands on experience and always promises maximum results and giving you good honest realistic information.

Grades 1-5 are very important grade for anybody wanting to learn real self defense. Not to miss!


WingTchunDo The Complete Grade 1 for Beginners

Master Fernandez has been practicing Wing Chun and other martial arts systems for 40 years. Fernandez is a highly recognized exponent of Wing Chun Kung Fu having trained with direct disciples of the Great Grandmaster Yip Man. He has for many years worked as a night club bouncer and security guard. He aims to teach Wing Chun and other fighting concepts in a realistic manner and gives valuable advice for people wishing to know about practical self defence and street fighting knowledge. Although you may find variations to the traditional Wing Chun concepts Master Fernandez stays very much in harmony with the Yip Man Wing Chun kung Fu theory.

Grade 1 teaches you all the basic formations from the Siu Nim Tao form. Chinese Lat Sao fighting drills, footwork, training solo and combat applications. The first grade is quite long and informative and helps you kickstart your journey into the world of realistic self defence and application. Master Fernandez aims to bring a realistic view of Wing Chun applied to realistic street applications.

These videos are also used by many of Master Fernandez's instructors around the world as a standard or index to follow for all his students.

Running time 1hour 12 minutes

WingTchunDo The Complete Grade 2 for Beginners

The popular training videos of WingTchunDo are designed to allow you to continue your progress from one grade to another. You will find that each video programs connect with the previous allowing you a better, fuller understanding on the effectiveness of following a structured program. Master Fernandez grades his students he expects each previous grade to be understood correctly before you can progress with newer grades. You will also find that each grade and video program always links to the previous video so you don't lose any valuable information.

In this video we continue with further research into Chinese lat sao combat programs and various drills against boxing techniques, and leg defence. We complete the Siu Nim Tao form and expect by now for you to have an insight to spontaneous counter attacking.

Running time approx 90 minutes

WingTchunDo The Complete Grade 3 for Beginners

Lesson 3 Continues with the initiation of the Chum Kiu form part one, works on Dan Chi, Moving Dan Chi the importance of how to initialise pressure and the importance of pivoting. We introduce the concepts of streetwise defence.... A methodology used to safe guard yourself in close range perilous situations. We look at combat drills and how to enter with various guards and positions. We look at how to improve your reflex training, how to 'antishock' your body, look at the basics of how to use the force of your opponent. and as always we take a more indepth view of advanced lat sao and footwork in combat application

Running Time 95 minutes

Grade 4 brings you to the conclusion of the Chum Kiu form. By now you should have a complete profile on combat logic. In this video we introduce you also to a 4 technique strategy called Nuk Sao which helps connect the body and coordinates three simultaneous responses with body alignment, deviation and counter attacking all in one motion. Very interesting viewing. We introduce a methodology of arm coordination and reflexes using a knife which really helps you with sensibility and concentration.

We also show methods of working with focus pads and how to increase your power, speed and coordination. We also show some extensive applications to freeing yourself from arm grabs and lever locks. By the end of this video you will have a more precise view on streetwise defence applications and it's variations, learning how to work in harmony with your partner and having been able to discipline your mind and body with WingTchunDo fighting principles.

Running Time 96 minutes

WingTchunDo The Complete Grade 5 for Beginners

Grade 5 takes us into a new direction where we begin extensive work into poon sao, how to develop spring energy and reactive responses to pressure. This is most important for preparation to train chi sao and advanced chi sao programs and in particular how to develop chi sao for combat.

We look and train a combat drill at very close range where you learn various elbow attacks and how to deflect them and counterattack.

Again we look at streetwise defence and the possible variations of people trying to attack you at close range or bring you to the ground.

We look at defence against knee attacks and how to recycle the knees and again counter attacking. We look at defence against close range punches like hooks and uppercuts.

We also go into neck levers, counter responses and bringing your opponent to the ground with complete control.

Great viewing.

Running Time 70 minutes

Sifu Fernandez - Wing Tchun Do - Grade 1-5 Supplemental Training Drills Part 1


Supplemental training is an important extensive drilling program which helps you and your training partner increase your attacking ability. Doing these drills helps you to connect and empower your previous work you have done in grades 1-5. Working mainly with focus pads we show you what accessories you can use to improve the essentials of combat and that is the power of your strikes. Without power you will get nowhere with just technique work. There are plenty of drills and to make you more complete we include differing drills from other fighting systems. Making your combat vision more complete.

Running Time 55 minutes

Sifu Fernandez - Wing Tchun Do - Grade 1-5 Supplemental Training Drills Part 2

So to complete all your training for grades 1-5 the common question people ask me is 'how do I train on my own'? Master Fernandez personally takes you through his tour of how he trains on his own and what equipment he uses. The work is never ending and one could probably do an infinite amount of videos based on this matter. The important points covered in this video is how to strengthen the power of impact by striking barehanded and increasing the impact resistance of your articulations...

Running time 55 minutes
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