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DOWNLOAD: Sifu Sergio - Ip Man Series 12: The Biu Tze Form + 1st Section Chi Sao
Sifu Sergio Iadarola - The Biu Tze Form - DVD

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The devastating 'thrusting fingers' technique. The Biu Tze form is demonstrated here to perfection. In the Biu Tze fighting system, you will find the most powerful and devastating combination of lethal strikes and elbows. Learn More >>
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Sifu Sergio Iadarola - The Biu Tze Form - DVD

Learn one of China's best kept secrets: the devastating Biu Tze 'thrusting fingers' technique.

DOWNLOAD Contents:

Here are some of the once-secret techniques and theories that YOU will learn:

- The authentic Biu Tze form of the Yip Man Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) system.
- The devastating close range open-hand techniques, such as the spade hand and the thrusting fingers strike.
- You will learn the three most effective elbow techniques known to man.
- The Ying and Yang Biu Tze strike.
- The devastating Shat Geng Sao (the throat cutting hand).
- Some of the ancient wisdoms of the Southern Shaolin temples.
- The whole complete first Biu Tze Chi Sao section.
- And much, much more!


Dear Friend,

Question: What is one of the most devastating Chinese Kung Fu techniques?

Answer: The Biu Tze techniques, the once-secret 'thrusting fingers' technique.

Legendary Kung Fu fighters like Dr. Leung Jan and Fung Siu Ching used these techniques in countless bare knuckle fights and no-one could match them. The blueprint of these devastating techniques were founded in the Southern Shaolin temple, specifically in the Wing Tjun Diem (Eternal Spring Hall). Here originated the most efficient lethal fighting techniques known to man.

In the Biu Tze fighting system, you will find the most powerful and devastating combination of lethal strikes and elbows.

The Biu Tze Kung Fu techniques are so dangerous and lethal that they were only taught to closed door disciples after years and years of training.

As a lifelong Wing Tjun Kung Fu enthusiast, I have been fortunate enough to study with the best of the best, I've been also fortunate enough to complete two lineages of Wing Tjun, direct from the hands of Chinese Grandmasters.

Not only that, but in my travels to China each year I have seen and experienced almost all of the different versions of the Wing Tjun Biu Tze system. And because half of my family is Chinese, I have the benefit of everything being translated for me. I must tell you that the Biu Tze system is not only ruthless, it is stunning!

They truly had the whole fighting thing figured out centuries ago.

In this DVD you will learn directly from me, the Grandmaster of the IWKA and one of my master students, Sifu Paul Hawkes, who finished the Wing Tjun system with the son of the late Grandmaster Yip Man and was the appointed chief instructor of Grandmaster Leung Ting's association for Great Britain.

You can learn all these timeless Chinese Kung Fu skills directly from me and Master Paul Hawkes.

Not only will you learn a mind-boggling amount of real, nuts-and-bolts, practical knockout strikes and elbows, but you will also learn how to counter them!

The combination of strikes and elbows will quickly show you the superiority of the Wing Tjun Biu Tze way of fighting.

Find out why many of my students have asked me to reconsider, telling me not to put this material on this DVD. Don't forget acquiring this knowledge has cost me years of hard training and literally thousands of US Dollars. Just think of it - airplane tickets, hotels, tuition fees etc.

But here is my offer. For the next seven days I am dropping the price to an all-time low of 109 euro's ($147 USD), so take advantage of this special offer today.


GM Sergio Iadarola

P.S - These DVDs reveal techniques that have been refined over thousand of years. Order now and improve your fighting skills forever.
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