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DOWNLOAD: Wong Shun Leung - Chum Kiu / Dummy Seminar
Wong Shun Leung's Chum Kiu and Wooden Dummy Seminar (1996 Beijing)

RARE footage of Wong Shun Leung performing Chum Kiu and 1/2 of the Dummy form in Beijing 1996! This footage has sold out twice before and may do so again! Learn More >>
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Wong Shun Leung - Chum Kiu and 1/2 Dummy Seminar DVD. Beijing 1996.

Note: EWC is the copyright holder and only authorized seller of this footage.

DVD Contents:

Without giving too much away, Sifu Wong covers:

- The elbow rotation in the form and some of its uses.
- The Pak Sao. Why it's better than Lop Sao in situations where someone grabs you.
- How to use the Lan Sao.
- How to correctly execute the palm strike and why it should not shoot out on the centerline.
- How to use the high Bong Sao properly and what it should do to your opponent's arms.
- How the kick should be executed and why. Plus how the way most people execute the kick is wrong, and why.
- How to use the Lop Sao.
- How to overcome a stronger Chi Sao opponent.
- How to use the Low Bong Sao when grabbed.
- The purpose and use of the back kick.
- How to use the Gum Saos.

Plus, extra dummy bonus footage!

- See Sifu Wong demonstrate the first few sets of the dummy form (to Pho Phai).
- And much much more, including all the applications of the sets Sifu Wong demonstrates, including Bong, the straight palm, the neck pull, the Guan Saos (large and small), the high and low double palms, Mood Sao, and Pho Phai!


Rare Wong Shun Leung Chum Kiu Seminar! Learn the secrets of Chum Kiu and wooden dummy applications from the legend himself! A priceless gem for your Wing Chun collection!

I don't think, at this point, that I need to talk about Sifu Wong and his accomplishments. So let me tell you more about the footage. As you know, the value of this DVD is in its rarity, the quality of video is like the bad VHS tape that it was filmed on. But just like an old Greek vase, it may not have the beauty and sleek look of modern factory-made vase, but it's the one that's priceless. I feel the same way about these videos.

Includes Bonus Footage! The Chum Kiu seminar itself is short - that's all there is too it. Sifu Wong didn't like to be filmed a lot. So to make up for it, part of a dummy seminar has been added, and this is some good footage! You see Sifu Wong do a few dummy sets, then explain the application of the hands he just used. This is a must see! You will watch this video over and over! I have to admit, when I first saw the footage I was hoping for more, but after watching the video about 7-8 times I decided this was one of my favorite videos.

Believe it or not, I'm STILL picking up tidbits I missed the first 7 times. Even though the video is only 20 minutes, I guarantee you will rewind and watch parts 3-4 times just to catch the full meanings and implications of what Master Wong is saying. It may just be the energy he exerts toward the dummy in the high Guan Sao (something I noticed about the 5th time) or a better understanding of the proper execution of a kick, but unless you are well versed in Wing Chun, you will pick up something new and useful from this video - and for the old hats it is still a collectors item!

It could be pulled at any time! I have to stress, again, these videos could be pulled from the market at any time and all future videos would never be released. This is not a joke or marketing gimmick. JUST TWO DAYS after the release he was already talking about pulling this and the Sil Lum Tao video again. It is vital to purchase them now while Sifu Wong's student still has the mind to sell them. Again, I can't stress enough how tenuous his mindset is! I don't know when, but I can absolutely guarantee that one day you'll come to this site and this DVD will be sold out or no longer offered. So act now and buy your copy of Wong Shun Leung's Chum Kiu (and dummy) seminar today!

EWC Review:

This is a very rare, short, 12 min seminar, with a bonus 7 mins of the dummy seminar. It was shot in Beijing in Oct '96 with Chan Kim Man demonstrating the form and WSL speaking during and afterwards as he demonstrates the applications. It's short because that is all that was filmed, it has not been cut-off or shortened. The dummy footage is only a preview, (half of the full seminar,) but it was all that I was able to convince the owner of the footage to add, as he wants to sell the entire dummy video at a later date. The video footage is fair, and subtitles (while almost too literal at times) are a great help with the audio. The audio is in Cantonese and the subtitles are in English.

After the initial release we got a number of comments, ranging from "This is great! Thank you, thank you!" to "This sucks, there is nothing on it." WAY more of the former than the latter, though. So, again, I will stress that the value of this footage is in its rarity, not what you will learn from it, especially if you are well versed in Wing Chun.

If you want to own footage of Master Wong Shun Leung, this is a great addition to your collection. But Master Wong didn't like to be filmed, and was careful of what he allowed to be filmed, so he kept this pretty basic. If you are smart you can still learn from the videos. Personally, I liked seeing his applications of even the basic stuff because 1) It's WSL and 2) because it's different to my Wing Chun and so still fairly new to me. It's a great addition to any collection, but if you are expecting to learn a lot, you'll have to judge based on your own experience. EWC Staff

Language: This DVD is in Cantonese with English subtitles. [the downloaded version does NOT contain subtitles]
Length: Full DVD is 19 mins. 12 mins Chun Kiu, 7 Mins Dummy.
Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0 (Region Free)
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