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DOWNLOAD: Wong Shun Leung - Sil Lum Tao Seminar
Wong Shun Leung's Chum Kiu and Wooden Dummy Seminar (1996 VTAA)

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RARE footage of Wong Shun Leung teaching Sil Lum Tao at the VTAA in 1996. This footage has sold out twice before and could be pulled from the market at any time! Learn More >>
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Wong Shun Leung - Sil Lum Tao Seminar DVD: 1996 VTAA Hong Kong.

Note: EWC is the copyright holder and only authorized seller of this footage.

DVD Contents (for the first 30 mins alone, out of a total of 58):

You will learn secrets such as:

- Why the front palm is safer than the side palm.
- How Yip Man trained Sifu Wong when learning Wu Sao in Sil Lum Tao and how to know if you've failed in doing it correctly.
- Why generation of power from short distances is so important despite arm position.
- How Wing Chun goes against your natural reactions and uses logic, and how this relates to the Taun and Fook hands.
- What Sil Lum Tao really means.
- What the Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma stance teaches you about fighting and how it relates to kicking.
- Where your feet should point when fighting and why.
- How to position your feet so you don't go down in a fight when you get worn out.
- How to face your opponent.
- What the double arm cross in the opening of the form is for.
- How to measure the centerline.
- Where to strike on an opponent with the centerline punch.
- Examples of Wing Chun's constant evolution.
- Boxing's evolution and how Wing Chun's striking skills are better than a boxers in no-rules situations.
- Why the generation of power from short distances is so important.
- Why we don't bob and weave like a boxer.
- Where to imagine the force when drawing your Wu Sao back.
- How to properly push the Taun and Fook hands out and why we do it slowly.
- And much, much more. (Over 30 mins more!)


Rare Wong Shun Leung footage found in a private student's home video collection!

Seven years after his death, learn Sil Lum Tao secrets from one of the greatest Wing Chun fighters in these private seminars!

No matter what Wing Chun lineage one comes from, or which way of practicing Wing Chun one thinks is right, there is something everyone agrees on: Wong Shun Leung was one of the greatest Wing Chun fighters on the planet and helped forge Wing Chun's reputation as one of the greatest martial arts ever to exist. In the 1950s and 60s, he literally helped put the (then unheard of) art on the map through his well publicized challenge matches against many, many styles and accomplished fighters. He was Bruce Lee's elder Kung Fu brother and foremost instructor and probably the single biggest influence on Lee's fighting style.

Sifu Wong also spend the most time under the tutelage of Yip Man and did most of his Sifu's teaching. This gave him unparalleled insight into the art, and the art of teaching effectively. Wong was very close to his teacher and had much more time to ask questions, observe and pick up the small details that none of the other students did. Not only that, but he also put everything he learned to the test, winning many underground fighting matches and becoming known throughout Hong Kong as "Gong Sau Wong", or "King of Talking with the Hands". Sifu Wong was never defeated in dozens of real-life encounters with awesome fighters from a myriad of martial styles.

What is this footage? In this video you will see the Sil Lum Tao seminar given by Sifu Wong in 1996 at the VTAA. The owner of the footage was unwilling to let to much of his super-rare footage get out into the public domain due to the rabid illegal copying of videos going on today. This material is very dear to him and he doesn't want thieves stealing it and cheapening the hard-won footage of his Sifu.

I have to admit that these videos could be pulled from the market at any time and all future videos would never be released. It is vital to purchase them now, while my contact still has the mind to sell them. I can't stress enough how tenuous his mindset is! I can absolutely guarantee that one day you'll come to this site and this DVD will no longer be offered. I don't know when any more than you do, but this has been promised.

Is it worth it? YES! The the video is worth the price. It's worth twice that. How much would you pay for a private audience with Wong Shun Leung? Personally, I'd pay several hundred dollars for just a couple of hours! This, like all of Wong's videos, are really collectors items more than anything. But I think they are great for picking up details on the forms, and I love seeing the man himself. Nothing can beat that. So act now and buy your copy of Wong Shun Leung's Sil Lum Tao Private Seminar DVD today

Customer Review:

"I recently purchased Wong Shun Leung's seminar (full version). I was delighted with my purchase... Just to see Gong Sau teach and perform was awe-inspiring and re-energized my Wing Chun. I eagerly await any further releases... I hope you don't think me too presumptuous but I took the time to review the WSL seminar video:

Have you ever wondered how Bruce Lee formulated his theories on combat? What may have been his motivation from the beginning? How did Lee develop apparently legendary skill and timing?

One simple answer may be Wong Shun Leung: "THE KING OF THE TALKING HANDS".

I recently purchased the full version DVD of Wong Shun Leung's seminar on Siu Lim Tao. Guess what? It's all there if you take the time to look! Master Wong gives the viewer an insight into how Wing Chun developed into a combat system that is scientific and designed to give even the average person a chance to defend themselves, even against trained fighters like boxers.

For instance:
- Master Wong shows you how to find your centre, which gives the maximum personal potential to defend with your hands.
- He demonstrates how to keep your feet, even when you get tired.
- Then he shows you how to scientifically beat your opponent to the punch using reflex rather than vision.
- Expertly he elaborates on how to break arm locks, even against a stronger opponent.
- Master Wong provides his personal insight into how Wing Chun developed into its current form.
- If you watch closely, you'll see that even a gentle tap from Master Wong leaves one of the participants rubbing their shoulder.

There is so much in this seminar that even after watching it numerous times you can gain an insight into why he was king of the Beimo, and how through absorbing his teachings in the early days, perhaps Bruce Lee was able to bedazzle Western onlookers. Bruce Lee was apparently quoted as saying "people think I am fast but I have met faster, I just have to be smarter".

Master Wong shows you how, by using contact reflexes, good structure and body position and through the correct use of force and timing, you can appear to be faster than most opponents. I cannot praise this DVD highly enough.

At first glance it may seem to be simple and, for the intermediate Wing Chunner, nothing new. However, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! Look again, and then again, and you will find subtle moments that inspire."

Dr. Barry. R. Hutchinson, Four Seasons Wing Chun.

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