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Ian Protheroe - Wing Chun Kuen
Ian Protheroe - Wing Chun Kuen

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Wing Chun Kuen

Ian Protheroe's manual for new students. It is a great overview of the system for those new to the art.

EWC Comments:
All manuals are soft cover, and it comes stapled along the spine in a clear binder. 95 pages.
This is just what the book has as headings. Topics are not covered in depth, but more tell the beginning student a little about each.

Section 1:
- Joint Rotations and Stretching
Hand and Wrist
Training on Wing Chun Sandbags
- 7 sequences with pictures of each
- Drills
- Heavy Hand
- Equipment
- Striking Method
Forearm Conditioning
- Wooden Dummy
- Alt method
Training with Weights
- Punching with weights
Shin Conditioning
Upper Body Strength
Conditioning with the 18 foot pole
Conditioning with the 10 foot weighted pole
Conditioning with Brass swords
Conditioning with Iron Ring
- Upper body
- Forearm
Section 2:
Wing Chun Kuen
Forms (lists what they train, does not show them)
Basic Stand and Hand positions (pictures)
Wing Chun Kicking Techniques (Front, stamp, side)
Basic hand shapes
Bio-mechincal analysis of Wing Chun straight Punch
Front step level 2 punching
Chi Sao
- Dan Chi Sao
- Sheung Chi Sao
- Double Handed Chi Sao
- Random Chi Sao
Self-Defense Techniques
- 3 sequences with pics
Wing Chun Sparring and Free Sparing
Wing Chun Dummy