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LONG POLE: MasterPath - 2-Part Pole in Doussie [TWO Pole-Bundle]
Ultimate Single LONG POLE: MasterPath - 2-Part Pole in Doussie  or Kotibe Wood

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Two 2-part pole special. Save more when you buy 2 poles at once! This is a 2-part pole of the highest quality. Precision lathing, custom made high-quality connectors that keep the pole balanced and won't come unscrewed with vibrational shock, extensive strength testing of multiple woods (over 50 woods considered), and a free carrying case make this our top-choice for a solid Wing Chun long pole. Learn More >>
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Description Notices / Warranty
LONG POLE: MasterPath - 2-Part Pole in Doussie or Kotibe Wood

Two 2-part pole special. Save more when you buy 2 poles at once!

Shipping: Shipping times with normal mail are still longer than they used to be (up to 10 weeks) and tracking is rarely updated. We know it costs extra, but highly recommend using UPS at this time. We are offering both options - Free post office shipping and UPS. UPS has full tracking and speedy delivery. The UPS price is just the cost OVER the post office price. You are still getting discounted shipping with UPS.

- Doussie replacing Kotibe - Currently, Kotibe wood sources are not adequate; so from 26 May 2022 we will be using Doussie wood. Even though these are not common woods you have heard of, they are excellent woods for these poles. Doussie is a golden to red-brown color, not the darker red/brown of Kotibe. Pictures will be added over time.
- We have 1 teak wood version of this pole for sale. If interested please email us. It will not be listed on the site.
Everything Wing Chun, MasterPath, and HuenDo collaborated to present to you one of the most excellent poles on the market. This is a 2-part pole of the highest quality. This pole is our top choice for a solid Wing Chun long pole due to its precision lathing, custom-made high-quality connectors, solid wood choice, and free carrying case.

The connector was thoroughly tested to make sure it kept the pole properly balanced and wouldn't come unscrewed with vibrational shock. Extensive strength testing of multiple exotic and hardwoods (over 50 considered) and price/value ratios were considered before settling on Kotibe and more recently Doussie (which is a light colored wood).

2-Part Poles:
  • Come apart in the middle for easy transportation - you can transport them in smaller cars, a bus, subway/train, etc. This allows you to take them to your school to train and take them back home to practice.
  • Easier to store - You don't need 9 feet of vertical space.
  • Are less likely to warp (the smaller sections are more stable - and you don't have to lean them against a wall or lay on a floor to risk warping as you do with a longer pole).
  • Allow cheaper shipping for the overall length (avoid the $200+ penalties for long items)
  • Lower Quality 2-part poles tend to break at the connector in the middle. The high-quality connectors and wood selection we use will allow you to train with this pole more like a normal pole without worries of breaking the pole easily. (* note that these poles are still not recommended for smash training, just like full long poles of the same thickness)
Total Length: 9 feet / 274 cm
Part length: 4.5 feet / 137 cm
Total Weight: Approx 6 lbs / 2,7 Kg
Connector weight: 0,25 Kg
Diameter of base: 1.65 inches / 42-43 mm
Diameter of tip: 1 inch / 25-26 mm

Pole Material:
Doussie Wood is an African wood visually similar to Mahogany and closely related to Merbau. Janka Rating is around 1810, which is about 50% harder than Red Oak. Common uses: exotic cabinetry, flooring, ship building, bridge building, furniture making, construction. It is very resistant to termites. With care, your poles should not warp with this wood.

This wood and source are FSC certified. (FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits).

Connector Material:
The connector for a quality pole needs to be strong and light (as not to affect the balance of the pole).

We used a custom-made 7075 aircraft aluminum alloy (AA7075) - which is used in highly stressed structural applications and, most commonly, aircraft parts.

This connector is three times lighter than steel, and still extremely strong. That lightness combined with a heavy wood like Doussue (or Kotibe) puts the center of gravity at almost at the same place as on a normal pole. That gives the feeling of training with a 1-piece long pole, even though this is a 2-part pole.

The connectors threads are M22x1.5 mm "metric fine." This thread has the privilege of not unscrewing on hard vibration stress and shock.

Fitting accuracy:
The wood inserts to the connector with a fitting accuracy of +/- 0,02 mm - which is unmatched by other manufacturers. This high fitting precision is crucial for the connections to be secure and stable and have a strong resistance to continuous and hard vibrations.

Every pole is tested before shipping. The test includes six very hard hits on a rubber mat on six different angles.

Although every pole is tested for stability and strength, we do not recommend to use it for smash training. Every pole, even those that are made of top quality hardwood, has a crack limit.

A free case that is 100% soft waterproof fabric will be included.

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