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DOWNLOAD: Larry Tatum - Kenpo My Favorite Techniques
DOWNLOAD: Larry Tatum - Kenpo My Favorite Techniques

Three masters show you their favorite techniques.
Resolution: 1029 x 592 • Running Time: 34 minutes Learn More >>
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In this video, G.M. Larry Tatum (10th Dan) develops techniques of the Kenpo program at the highest level. Particularly, some of his favorites like Flashing Mace, Parting Wings, and Entwined Lance.

Masterfully executed and based on the experience of the movement, G.M. Tatum incorporates his innovative teachings in these techniques that will help you add and complement your training in the Kenpo system. Besides, they provide the individual with the best choice for self-defense, based on the logical and practical thinking, and place him in the path of understanding the art of Kenpo. These are the self-defense and fighting systems of the modern times we live in. They are designed so that the practitioner gets all the benefits that training these techniques can provide.

This video has the support of Master Adolfo Luelmo (9th Dan), who goes on with a series of techniques performed in a smooth and strong way, for situations of extreme aggression, in which can be appreciated different states of the movement, in a logical and effective way.

As a conclusion, Master Asis Camacho (8th Dan), displays a technique that combines the strength of the arms and his expertise with legs.

Resolution: 1029 x 592
Estimated Running Time: 34 minutes
Publisher: Budo International
Description by: Budo International (apologies for errors in this automatic translation into English)
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