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by Wood - Lychee Wood

These dummy trunks are made from Lychee Wood. This wood is, by some, considered the best wood for dummies. It is extremely heavy and rare, meaning that the dummy trunk can weigh upwards of 150 lbs. The wood is very dense and has a reddish color. The legs of all the dummies are made from this wood. Lychee is the sole member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family. It is a fruit tree grown in tropical and sub-tropical Asia.

More Information from Buick:
"Lychee trees dont' grow big, they are usually saucer size diameter, because of the year rings are so tight they have very high density, a tree trunk with the size suitable for making a dummy is at least 50 years old, probably out of thousands of Lychee trees there is only a few of this size grown.

Lychee is an original fruit from Southern part of China - Canton, it was introduced to other countries in recent years because of its fruit scent and sweetness, because of it's high density and available here, it has became a legendary dummy material, also because of it's scarcity fewer lychee dummies had actually been made. None of these dummies were taken from live trees, a living Lychee tree of this size yields 2-3 crops a year and they're worth thousands of USD, all the trunk material came from real old trees that is slowing down and considered non-productive. None of our dummy materials were cut down alive for the purpose of making dummies, many more of them had been taken down for a length period of time, mostly due to the trees were dying down, or they get in the way of new construction projects."
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