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(Download Only!) - Mario Lopez - CRCA Testing 01 - Blue Belt - Solo Drills
(Download Only!) - Mario Lopez - CRCA Testing 01 - Blue Belt - Solo Drills

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(Download Only!) - Mario Lopez - CRCA Testing 01 - Blue Belt - Solo Drills

Mario Lopez covers techniques, drills, forms, etc for the blue belt level testing in the CRCA Wing Chun system.

These 62 HD 720p Clips range from 1 min to 9 mins and cover the SOLO forms, drills, punches, palms, footwork, kicks, blocks, and complex attacks.

The following clips are included in the download:

1a. Siu Leem Tau - Little Idea: Form Part I
1b. Siu Leem Tau - Little Idea: Form Part II
1c. Siu Leem Tau - Little Idea: Form Part III
2a. Yin Block: Tan Sau – Offering Hand
2b. Yin Block: Woo Sau – Protective Hand
2c. Yin Block: Lon Sau – Bannister Hand
2d. Yin Block: Ngoy Jut Sau – Outside Jerking Hand
2e. Yin Block: Loy Jut Sau – Inside Jerking Hand
2f. Yin Block: Gahng Sau – Plowing Hand
2g. Yin Block: Gwot Sau – Wiping Hand
2h. Yin Block: Huen Sau – Circling Hand
3a. Yang Block: Pock Sau – Slapping Hand
3b. Yang Block: Jom Sau – Chopping down a Tree Hand
3c. Yang Block: Boang Sau - Wingarm
3d. Yang Block: Gum Sau – Pressing Hand
3e. Yang Block: Fook Sau – Bridging Hand
3f. Yang Block: Biu Sau – Thrusting Hand
3g. No Yin/Yang Block: Chum Sau – Sinking Hand
3h. No Yin/Yang Block: Fock Sau – Bamboo Spring Back Hand
4a. Complex Defense: Tan Pock Sau – Offering/Slapping Hand
4b. Complex Defense: Gahng Jom Sau – Plowing/Chopping down a Tree Hand
4c. Complex Defense: Loy Kwun Sau – Inside Rolling Hands
4d. Complex Defense: Ngoy Kwun Sau – Outside Rolling Hands
5. Five Elbows Drill
6a. Punches: Tai Kuen – Raising Punch
6b. Punches: Fon Kuen – Whip Punch Loy/Ngoy Fon Kuen – Inside/Outside Whip Punch)
6c. Punches: Doy Gock Kuen – Diagonal Punch (Loy/Ngoy Doy Gock Kuen – Inside/Outside Diagonal Punch)
6d. Punches: Chau Kuen – Drilling Punch
6e. Punches: Chop Kuen – Downward Punch
6f. Punches: Chuo Kuen – Hammer Fist
6g. Punches: Gyeung Jee Kuen – Ingwer Fist
6h. Punches: Foong Ngon Kuen – Phönix Eye Punch
7a. Palm Strikes: Jing Jyeung – Vertical Palm
7b. Palm Strikes: Chahng Jyeung – Spade Palm
7c. Palm Strikes: Chahng Dai Jyeung – Low Spade Palm
7d. Palm Strikes: Fun Sau – Chopping into Powder Hand
7e. Palm Strikes: Biu Jee Sau – Thrusting Fingers Hand
7f. Palm Strikes: Gum Jyeung – Pressing Palm
7g. Palm Strikes: Tan Sau – Offering Hand
7h. Palm Strikes: Pau Sau – Lifting Hand
8a. Complex Attack: Tan Da – Offering Hand/Straight Punch
8b. Complex Attack: Gahng Da – Plowing Hand/Straight Punch
8c. Complex Attack: Jut Da Jing Jyeung – Jerking Hand/Vertical Palm Strike
8d. Complex Attack: Ngoy Jut Da Fun Sau – Outside Jerking Hand/ Chopping into Powder Hand Strike
8e. Complex Attack: Lon Da Chau Kuen – Bannister Hand/Drilling Punch
8f. Complex Attack: Huen Da Chahng Dai Jyeung – Circling Hand/Low Spade Palm Strike
9a. Kicks: Jing Gyeuk – Front Kick
9b. Kicks: Wahng Gyeuk – Side Kick
9c. Kicks: Loy Tiu Gyeuk – Round Kick
9d. Kicks: Ngoy Tiu Gyeuk – Reverse Round Kick
9e. Kicks: Tai Sut – Raising Knee
9f. Kicks: Loy Doy Gock Gyeuk – Inward Diagonal Kick
9g. Kicks: Ngoy Doy Gock Gyeuk – Outward Diagonal Knee
9h. Kicks: Biu Gyeuk – Piercing Toe Kick
10a. Ma Boh: Choh Ma – Sitting Horse
10b. Ma Boh: Toh Ma - Sliding Horse
10c. Ma Boh: Syeung Ma – Advancing Horse
10d. Ma Boh: Toy Ma – Retreating Horse
10e. Ma Boh: Som Gock Ma – Triangle Horse
10f. Ma Boh: Seep Ma – Motion Interception Horse
10g. Ma Boh: Chong Ma – Bracing Horse (Cheen/Hau Chong Ma – Front/Back Bracing)
10h. Ma Boh: Seen Wai – Facing (Loy/Ngoy Seen Wai – Inside/Outside Facing)