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VIDEO: Gary Lam - Sil Nim Tau I & II
Gary Lam - Sil Nim Tau I & II

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Gary Lam has held nothing back, revealing and explaining not only the SIU NIM TAO form, but also it's lethal street application. Learn More >>

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Gary Lam - DVD: SIU NIM TAO I and II

Note on the Preview: This Preview was filmed by playing the DVD on a TV. The QUALITY of the DVD is much higher! Please consider this preview for the educational material only, not the quality of the DVD.

If you're looking to immediately upgrade your skill level and techniques, then a thorough understanding of the First Idea (Siu Nim Tao ) is a must.

Sifu Gary Lam describes the techniques, applications, and structure of this all-important form. You'll feel almost as if you were part of this DVD, in which Sifu Lam reveals all of the secrets of the foundation of Wing Chun.

He's held nothing back, revealing and explaining not only the SIU NIM TAO form, but also it's lethal street application.

Language: English
Length: 123 mins
Format: NTSC
DVD Type: True DVD
DVD Region: Region 0: Region Free
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Customer Reviews:

"This video is Amazing. I am new to Wing Chun and found Gary Lam's video very helpful. I had many questions about the details of Siu Nim Tao. Gary Lam's expert knowledge shows throughout the video. He has a down to earth approach when teaching the processes and reasoning for Wing Chun Methods. The video is fairly long and full of detail. I would recommend this video to anyone who wishes to learn the foundation of Wing Chun. I look forward to more videos from Gary Lam." - Adam E Ragle, AE/USA

"This an excellent DVD, being a beginner of Wing Chun I found it extremely useful as now I have a greater understanding of the actual moves and techniques. It's great how he breaks it all down and gives detailed explanations whilst demonstrating the move. I've only watched it once since receiving it yesterday and already I feel I've learnt a lot. I intend to watch it many times and I'd definitely recommend taking notes down. All in all a very informative and excellent DVD." - Robert Lee, New Zealand
This clip was recorded from the DVD playing on a TV. DVD quality is much higher.
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