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WING CHUN 4 SPRING ARM PVC DUMMY v3: Warrior - Vector Stand (Made on Demand)
Warrior's SPRING ARM PVC Dummy with Vector Stand  (Made on Demand)

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This dummy has 2 configurations of arms - 3 spring arms on the front plus a removable centerline spring arm for the front. The dummy does not have arms on the back as pictured - it is a newer model. Learn More >>
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WING CHUN 4 SPRING ARM PVC DUMMY v3: Warrior - Vector Stand (Made on Demand)

NOTE: This dummy no longer has arms in the back, but instead has a space for the 18 inch arm in the front and the arms are removable. So you will get 4 arms, not 5 and be able to switch the arms out on the front to match the configuration you want. It is a better system and costs less.

Spring Arm Configuration

Configuration 1: The arms are in the exact same location as they would be on a traditional dummy. You simply have the spring arms instead of static wooden ones.

Configuration 2: This dummy has a centered 18-inch spring arm on the high-line and a 12-inch one on the low-line. This arm configuration on the dummy is ideal for practicing bridge contact at proper distances and allows you to better train advancing footwork.

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