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(Download Only!) - WVTAA Home Study - Level 3 - Biu Jee DVD
WVTAA Home Study - Level 3 - Biu Jee DVD

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WVTAA Home Study - Level 3 - Biu Jee DVD

The form Biu Jee is taught in 3 sections and demonstrated by Sifu Darrell in both front and side view. It is then performed by a student and the detailed fine points of each movement are covered by Sifu Darrell.

Sifu Darrell Jordan has been teaching Ving Tsun Kung Fu for nearly 30 years and has over 40 years of martial arts experience. In this first DVD on the third level, Sifu Jordan demonstrates the powerful Biu Jee form in a simple and effective way. Sifu Darrell gives the beginner the necessary basics while refining the more intricate movements for advanced students. This DVD will become a fundamental asset in achieving proficiency and enjoyment in Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

DVD Contents:
Multiple views of the form
Split-screen of the form
Complete instruction on the three sections of Biu Jee
Form demonstration by Scott Haynes

If you live in an area that offers no Ving Tsun Kung Fu, and you would like to learn, the World Ving Tsun Athletic Association is now offering a home study course. In the privacy of your own home, you and a friend/s can learn this effective martial art. The course is taught in the same order and set up for you to learn just as if you were in class. It is a very structured and detailed course allowing you to learn easily, providing that you train consistently. There is certification and ranking available, whereupon you will receive a certificate signed and chopped by the founder of the WVTAA.

Language: English
Length: 70 min
Format: NTSC
DVD Region: Region 0: Region Free