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eBOOK: Steve Grogan - The Lone Warrior
(eBook) - Steve Grogan - The Lone Warrior

Do you have a burning desire to get better at Wing Chun, but you can't because you can't make it to class much? Then on the nights you DO make it, you discover class is full of beginners, so your skills don't get pushed to the next level. Author Steve Grogan was stuck in the same position, until he came up with the ideas that fill this tome. Learn More >>
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Lone Warrior

Do you have a burning desire to get better at Wing Chun, but you can't because you can't make it to class much? Then on the nights you DO make it, you discover class is full of beginners, so your skills don't get pushed to the next level. Author Steve Grogan was stuck in the same position, until he came up with the ideas that fill this tome.

The Lone Warrior will help you build a day-by-day training routine that accommodates YOUR schedule. Steve lists the activities he has picked for his own training and then shows how even a full-time working father of four can fit 30-60 minutes of training into each day, even on work days!

The activities are broken into several categories:
•Solo activities (Forms, Shadow Boxing, etc.)
•Activities that require gear (Wooden Dummy work)
•Activities that require partners (Chi Sao)
•Activities that require partners AND gear (Sparring)

Each Category section features a description of all activities. As you read these, you should notate which items sound most appealing and/or address areas where you need improvement.

***And in case you are wondering: yes, this book even gives you a solution to that one pesky question, “How do I get better at Chi Sao if no one in my life even knows how to do it?”***

Once each activity has been described, Steve proceeds to show you how he organizes each day. You might not be able to follow the same schedule as him, but that’s okay. The whole point is to give you a blueprint for you to follow. It’s a catalyst to inspire you to find your own path toward Wing Chun mastery!

Why stop at owning the book? Users of both Androids and iPhones can get the LONE WARRIOR app by following these links:



***NOTE: Aside from all the knowledge in this book, you can get three FREE gifts. All you have to do is send Steve an email ([email protected]). Your contact information will NEVER be shared with any other party.***

Steve Grogan is the founder of Geek Wing Chun, which can be found on the internet via its main website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

“I can’t make it to class much because of my work schedule, my kids, errands, not enough money, etc.”

“On the nights I CAN make it to class, the other classmates there are beginners. In other words, I still can’t do Chi Sao!”

“I can’t meet classmates outside of class to train because of THEIR work schedules, kids, etc.”

“I practice my forms at home, but that doesn’t help you in real-world application. What can I do to change this?”

“You can’t do Chi Sao or sparring alone, but my classmates can’t meet with me, and the people I’m around most of the time don’t take Wing Chun, or ANY martial arts for that matter!”

For years I’ve been talking to people in person, chatting via online forums, browsing comments on YouTube videos, reading articles in magazines, and my own experience, and I have noticed these are the most frequent problems faced by Wing Chun practitioners. Over time I came up with solutions, so I decided to compile them all in this nifty little e-book.

After reading that, I bet you’re wondering, “Who is this guy, and why should I take advice from him?”

Well, let’s get into that, shall we?

As you can see, my name is Steve Grogan. I’m willing to bet that many of you reading this are wondering, “Is he a certified Sifu?” Allow me to be completely honest here and say that is an absolute “no.” What I am is a Wing Chun student of the modern world, who deals with the same struggles faced by many other folks. These are tasks that anyone must complete to survive in our society. Then, after I am done with all those things, I need to somehow make time for training.

I have been studying Wing Chun since 1995. I started in the Ip Ching lineage, but then I moved too far away to make it to class. Fortunately, there was another Wing Chun instructor closer to my new home. This gentleman was a Sifu in the Leung Sheung lineage. (Some people raised a fuss when I made this switch, but in my mind it’s all Wing Chun.)

Some of you may wonder what this “lineage” stuff is. In one word, it’s “politics.” I am not going to get into it here, except to say that I HATE what I call “the lineage wars.” It all boils down to people saying only THEY know the “true” Wing Chun, and everyone else practices something watered down and useless. It’s ridiculous because what it does is fragment the Wing Chun community. Someone from the Ip Ching lineage won’t listen to what someone from the Leung Sheung lineage says because they think that lineage is nonsense. How foolish and sad!

Tied into this is the fact that some people won’t listen to certain Wing Chun instructors because they’re perceived as jerks. William Cheung, Emin Boztepe, Dominick Izzo, and Randy Williams have all had such criticism. I don’t know what they are like as people because I don’t know them. I have watched their videos and read articles about or by them, and I will say this: they have all taught me something. In fact, some of the home-based training ideas in this book are inspired by them.

Anyway, I digress. Back to my brief bio now. I am a father of four children. I work a full-time job Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00PM, and a part-time job on Monday and Tuesday evenings. I’m a writer. Not only do I create my own stories, but I also do freelance work. I play guitar. I do workouts that last 45-70 minutes at a time, 6 days a week. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget: I practice Wing Chun.

If you take in all those details, you can imagine what kind of time constraints I am under. To the average reader, it must seem that a fella like me shouldn’t even bother practicing Wing Chun because he can’t fit it into his day, right?

Wrong. I believe if you love something, you find a way to make time for it. And I love Wing Chun.

Think back to the problems I presented earlier. I have faced those issues myself, but I did not want to let them stop me, so I asked my Sifu what I could do at home. I typed “How do I train Wing Chun at home” into Google. I thought about what areas of my Wing Chun needed work. That is how I came up with the activities in these pages. Not to blow my own horn, but I think you will be excited by the possibilities I offer here.

This e-book is full of photos that show you how to do certain activities. For some exercises, you need videos to fully understand how to do them, and I have plenty! To get access to them, you must download the app that is the companion piece to this ebook. Then you will get links to private videos on my YouTube channel. (That’s right. Only app users can see them!)

Aside from buying the book and downloading the app, there is only one thing I ask you to do for me in return: don’t EVER think you are “done” training. Read this book over and over so you can keep revamping your schedule and come up with something that maintains the excitement you get from studying Wing Chun!

Two Disclaimers

1) This book is meant to SUPPLEMENT training with a Sifu, not REPLACE it. You cannot learn things like structure, sensitivity, timing, distance, and proper release of energy without someone to guide you and classmates to train with.

2) This book does not teach Wing Chun. Your real instruction should come from a school. Instead, what I show you is TIME MANAGEMENT, so you can fit training into your day.

3) If you download the app, you will not see any videos of the forms, for two reasons. First, each lineage does them differently. Second, as I said, the purpose of this book is to teach you how to organize your schedule, NOT to teach you Wing Chun. So even though “Forms Practice” is one of the activities you can choose, there are no videos like there are for Shadow Boxing or any other activity.

~~~~~Steve Grogan