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eBOOK: Bogdan Rosu - How to Train Your Subconscious and Obtain True Power
(e-book) Bogden Rosu - How to Train Your Subconscious and Obtain True Power

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This eBook will teach you: How to fight without thinking, How to relax, How to develop lightning reaction, How to become Automatic, Access your internal power, and more! Learn More >>
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Bogden Rosu - How to Train Your Subconscious and Obtain True Power (e-book) TAKING YOUR WING CHUN TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

This product will teach you:

How to fight without thinking
If you need to think about what you are doing then it's probably too late

- How to relax
-- Relaxation allows power and speed to come out

- How to develop lightnign reaction
-- Program yourself to react at the sound of a 'spark'

- How to become Automatic
-- Build your Wing Chun engine so that it hits by itself

- Access your internal power
-- Start to communicate with your full potential

Have you ever wondered how some Wing Chun Sifus can do Chi Zao blindfolded? How they can have such fast reactions to an opponent's attack?

The trick is that they act without needing to think about it

They use their subconscious to fight.

Just like driving a car. In the beginning you were consciously thinking about what you needed to do, being aware of road signs, of the car in front of you, maybe a little scared not to cause an accident and afterwards, you became so good that you can drive while consciously doing something else, like making plans for the day.

Wing CHUN is just like that. With this e-book you will know what you need to do to make reactions natural and automatic. Without the right knowledge, you can train for years and still not have this kind of results.

Fortunately, you won't have to do that. With this knowledge you will know what to focus on while you train and get results faster, thus saving both time and money. Regardless of your lineage, of course.

Think of two people building a house. They both have the same materials and they have 1 year to build their house. The only difference between them is that one is a constructions engineer.

Who do you think will have a nicer house at the end of the year?

How to use your subconscious to fight and be automatic:

- Learn to relax and let the power come out.
- Learn the essence of good Chi Zao.
- Develop 'spark' reaction
- Learn to react without thinking
- Learn to access your internal power

But wait, there's more!By buying this product, you get:

- e-book: How to Accelerate your Wing Chun and become like a Machine - value of $27, you get it FREE!
- Direct e-mail contact! You can contact me anytime via e-mail to get additional help

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