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Emin Boztepe

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Due to Emin's preference to effective self defense techniques, he now views himself as a true martial artist and not a "Sportsman". It was this same preference that originally attracted him to Wing Tsun after seeing a demonstration in Germany. This led him to seeking instruction from internationally noted European Wing Tsun Masters. Emin has now been training in the Wing Tsun system for many years. He is thoroughly convinced that the self-defense techniques and philosophy of Wing Tsun are second to none. He became the senior master Student of the IWTA/Hong Kong. Today he is the representing Wing Tzun & Latosa Escrima in over 40 Countries.

The life of Emin Boztepe is a mirror for the Wing Tzun philosophy as taught by the EBMAS: be aggressive in all encounters while avoiding conflict whenever possible. When faced with the unavoidable challenge of conflict, meet it head on, finish it quickly, expend as little energy as possible and continue on your way. According to Wing Tzun philosophy, the simplest, easiest and most effective way is the best way. "Avoiding a physical confrontation that is not truly necessary does not mean being a coward but being humble," states Emin. "However, conflicts must be met head on when left no other choice because of possible harm to yourself, your loved ones or your family. This includes my Wing Tzun family which currently spans over 40 countries."

Though Emin has trained in many different martial art disciplines, he currently bases his self defense solely on Wing Tzun Kung Fu and Latosa Escrima. He feels this helps him fulfill his philosophy of ending conflicts quickly by using effective and simple techniques. These sorts of techniques are the hallmark of Wing Tzun. Emin confesses, "I only believe in using techniques that work as fast as possible and minimize injury to myself. The Wing Tzun philosophy states: 'To be kind to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself.' Why be kind and gentle to someone who is trying to harm you or your loved ones?"

The Wing Tzun philosophy also advocates realistic training. Emin feels that this is one of the most important factors in developing effective self-defense techniques. Although Emin believes in other forms of training such as bag-training, aerobics etc. he feels that nothing can take the place of sparring and Wing Tzun Chi Sau practice with a live partner, as well as Anti-Grappling, which he officially created according to the scientific beliefs of the Wing Tzun System. Emin emphasizes that training should become a regular routine for any serious martial artist. "You can have the best techniques and the best instructors, but if you don't practice regularly and realistically it will not be useful." Emin exemplifies this himself by adhering to a strict training schedule of 4 hours a day.

Emin has been a professional Wing Tzun instructor throughout Europe for the past 25 years and has become widely recognized for his fighting skills. His Seminars are in great demand throughout the world. He is the Chief-Instructor and founder of EBMAS - The Emin Boztepe Martial Art Organisation. He has trained many elite Police and Military personnel, including the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) of the FBI and the 4th Recon Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps. Emin Boztepe is one of the highest-ranking Wing Tzun Instructors in the World, and he continues to commit his talents to help spread Wing Tzun in the World.