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Placing an Order

Can I place an order over the phone?
Yes, you can order by phone. Ordering online is the best way, however. It is just as secure as a phone order, if not more so.

To order by phone please call or email us and we will call you back when possible. We do not get many customers calling in (most prefer email these days), so we do not staff the phones full time... but we are very happy to talk to our customers - so just leave us a message and we'll call you back!

Check the Contact Us page for all our contact info.

Does Everything Wing Chun have a print catalog?
No. We only have the on-line store and have no plans on making a print catalog.
Does Everything Wing Chun offer wholesale pricing?
In general, no. We can offer some discounts on larger school orders of items we manufacture (swords, bags, pads).
Why is my credit card being declined? What is my Billing Address?
Your billing address is the address at which you receive your credit card statements. If the address you specify on your order, including the zip code, does not match the billing address on file with the bank that issued your credit card, your credit card charge will be declined during checkout and your order will not be completed. The error might show up as an "AVS mismatch" or some sort of "Fraud" check. Please make sure you specify the correct billing address when you place your order.

If you are 100% positive your billing address is correct and your card is declined, please check with your bank. You can also check with us and we can find the exact reason your card is being declined. If you try to place an order multiple times in rapid succession our site will decline it based on IP velocity checks.
How do I buy/redeem a gift certificate?
To purchase a gift certificate for someone, click here. If you are the recipient of a gift certificate and would like to redeem your gift certificate, click here.
How do I use a coupon?
After adding items to your cart, click the View Cart link at the top of this site to view your cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart you'll see a box where you may enter your coupon code.