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Digital Downloads

General Information on Digital Downloads
With over 1.6 billion DVDs (and packaging) finding their way into landfills every year (junking up this beautiful planet), with fuel and shipping costs increasing each year (more pollution and waste), and with Governments increasing VAT and taxes each year... we thought you might like to save some serious cash by just downloading your favorite Wing Chun DVDs. NO VAT/Tax, NO Shipping, NO Waste and Instant Access.

Our digital download programs are run through Everything Wing Chun In stant Access, Wing Chun University, and MasterPath Digital). These sister sites are separate stores that you will have separate accounts with. The have a different support team, different policies, different management, etc.

Our download program allows you to stream or download thousands of titles. For the latest information please visit the actual homepage of Everything Wing Chun Instant Access: or the Wing Chun University:

To find downloadable DVDs, just look for Video or Download products on the site that have the ADD TO DOWNLOAD CART & Switch to Digital Download Store button... Or just click on one of the links to the digital stores in the header or footer.

Save some cash, get perfect playback, get lifetime access, and get your videos instantly. What could be better than that?
Support for Downloads
For any questions or technical support with the application or problems with downloaded purchases, please the digital support team: PlatformPurple Digital Download Support

If the digital support team fails to help you, please go ahead and contact us. Keep in mind the digital downloads are a separate business/store, but we can see what we can do to help you if they cannot.