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Order Tracking/Status

How do I cancel an order or change my shipping address?
  The short answer is that you cannot change or cancel orders once they are placed and start processing. This includes changing/fixing typos in the shipping address.

Changing an order is very difficult and time-sensitive unless it is a "custom made" item, which has a build time. We have our system automated and any changes once that order starts processing are not possible. After you place an order, within the next 5 minutes, it begins processing and is pulled and packaged for shipping. The order is locked and passed to our off-site shipping warehouse, at which point no changes are possible, even if it is over the weekend.

You can try to contact us and we can TRY to intercept the package (depending on shipping method and timing at the warehouse), but most likely you would have to get the package and send it back for a return (unless it is DVDs or Dit-Da-Jow which cannot be returned). You would be responsible to the full shipping and intercept charges in this case. If you put in the wrong shipping address you will need to handle that situation on your end or hope it gets returned to us. Emailing us in no way actually cancels your order or guarantees we can intercept the shipping for it... or that we can change the shipping address. Again, we will TRY to get that order changed/canceled, but if the order has already locked and been handed to the warehouse staff we may not be able to cancel or recall it. UPS/FedEx usually charge between $12-20 for an address change, and USPS does not offer any address changes or recall services. Recalls at FedEx/UPS usually cost $12+ an extra full shipping charge for a return. Unfortunately, this is the price of efficiency and automation of the order process.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause if you change your mind about an order. Luckily this rarely happens!
How do I track my order?
  You will receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking information when your order has shipped. Use the link in the email to track your order.
These emails at sent around 5:30 pm ET. You may get an email from the site earlier in the day saying your order shipped, but the actual tracking email comes later.

Even though you might get a tracking number, not all packages allow tracking. If you really want to be able to track an order you MUST choose a FedEx/UPS shipping option. Post office shipping methods are NOT always trackable even though you will get a tracking number (which is usually a delivery confirmation or customs label number):

  • UPS and FedEx - All methods have full tracking and insurance.
  • USPS Express Mail - Has limited tracking within the US / $100 insurance.
  • USPS Priority Mail - Delivery confirmation only / No insurance.
  • USPS International Priority Mail - Limited tracking based on country / No insurance.
  • USPS International Express Mail - No tracking / $100 insurance.
  • USPS First Class International - No tracking / No insurance.
My order never arrived.
  Please let us know if your order does not arrive in a timely manner (within 2-3 days of the expected delivery if you are in the US, and within about 1 week of expected delivery for international customers). We will research what we can and let you know if we find anything. In most cases, however, your tracking info will be the exact same information we have.

If the delivery confirmation says the package was delivered and you did not get the package you need to check with your post office or local UPS/FedEx carrier. If the package was stolen after delivery, we may not be able to replace it. This is a criminal issue for the police and your insurance. We will help file a claim with the delivery company, but if they do not show fault, there is nothing we can do. If you live in an area where packages get stolen or etc, it is up to you to arrange any special delivery requests with your local FedEx/UPS/USPS delivery personnel (with UPS/FedEx can you sign up for an account on their sites to leave standing delivery instructions).

If the delivery confirmation says the package was not delivered then we will ask the post office to research the location and deliver the package.

There are also some things you can do. First, check with your post office to see if they have it. Sometimes the postal worker does not leave a slip or the slip gets lost. We've had packages returned because they were never picked up from the post office. Second, check with your delivery person to see if they left the package. We had cases where the postal worker left the package on the wrong doorstep, or with a neighbor.

If your order contains a back-ordered item or pre-ordered item it will not ship until the missing item arrives.
An item is missing from my shipment.
  An item missing is usually due to a misunderstanding. Some of our products are drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Please check the product page to make sure the missing item is not a drop-shipped item. If an item is indeed missing then please contact us and let us know right away. Also, if the item is a pre-order or back-order then it may not ship until the item arrives at our warehouse.