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[SOLD OUT!] Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: TRAINING - BUICK YIP v7 - Chopper 12 - Blunt - Black
Butterfly Swords - Full Tang Modern Chopper - BLACK

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If you need a quality pair of training swords at a great price, then look no further. These new black full tang swords from Everything Wing Chun and Buick Yip look awesome, feel great, and are an absolute steal for the price. They can be flipped and held in reverse grip as well. Learn More >>
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Full Tang Modern Chopper Butterfly Swords - BLACK

If you need a quality pair of training swords at a great price, then look no further.

These swords are the latest from a collaboration between Buick Yip and Everything Wing Chun that goes back several years. This is the 7th model of Buick Yip swords (of which EWC has helped collaborate on the last 5 models). Like all the others, this sword is a limited edition that will sell out. Only 50 are available.

We insisted that the swords be full-tang for you. This way the blade could never come loose during your training. All modern production swords (with the exception of our own handmade swords) cut corners in this area and make swords that are dangerous for real training. A full hidden tang goes all the way to the base of the sword. We also made a few changes to the D-Guard and quillon (slimmer D-guard and longer quillon) based on your feedback from the previous model. We put a lenticular grind on the blades instead of a hollow-grind.

Lastly, we wanted a price range that was affordable for you. Our Flagship line of swords (priced at $399+) are high-end swords and an absolute steal at $399 (these swords easily sell for $800+). Even so, we know that $400 is a bit steep in this economy, so we wanted to introduce this mid-level sword for a great price. At $199 we think these swords are the best production sword on the market for under $250. It is the only solid training blade and only full-tang production sword on the market (out side of EWC's other swords, of course). If you cannot afford our flagship line of swords, do not want to have to upkeep the blades as much, or just want a solid blade for training, then these are what we recommend.


Blade length: 30 cm (11.8 in)
Overall length: 42 cm (16.5 in)
Blade width (at handguard): 6.3cm
Blade width (at widest point): 7.3cm
Sword weight: .85kg (1lb 13oz) per sword. 1.70kg (3.7 or 3 lb 11oz) per pair.
Blade Steel: 3CR13MOV Stainless Steel 4mm thick (EWC Note: This is great for maintenance - you don't have to do much and they won't rust, but the blades can dent if hit really hard, etc)
HRC: Approx 50-53
D-Guard: Stainless Steel
Handle: "Ebony Wood"
These blades have a ricasso. They have full handles for safety in training and the edge is 1-2mm thick and blunt. The tips are blunted for safety as well.
These swords can be flipped.
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