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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: TRAINING VTM Historical v5
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - TRAINING VTM Historical

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These swords are part of our functional Training line, which focuses on brings you cost-effective high-quality training swords based on our weapons-grade models. The model is a VTM Historical Stabber Blade. Learn More >>
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Ultimate Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - TRAINING Line: VTM Historical

These swords are like the ones found in the film, The Master. The Ving Tsun Museum (VTM) Historical
These swords are like the ones found in the film, The Master. The Ving Tsun Museum (VTM) Historical Stabber model features angled narrowing-stabber blade with a drop-tip swage and angled straight handles.

According to the research of Benny Meng of the Ving Tsun Museum (VTM), these are the BJD design that is the closest to the knife's true functions. The BJD is a Wing Chun knife that's part of the Southern Shaolin kung fu tradition. Most people don't know the difference between knives. Southern Shaolin uses the Wu Dip Dao or Butterfly Knives which aren't quite the same as the Wing Chun BJD.

Master Meng states that "This is the only knife design that is true to the original Wing Chun concepts and functional applications. As you know, form follows function. If the form of the knife is different, the difference will impact the functionality of the knife itself. I designed this knife based on years of research into many lineages of Wing Chun. The shape of this knife expresses the 8 original concepts, which is where the name came from.

The name of BJD has several meanings:

1 - referring to the 8 sections of the knife form.
2 - referring to 8 different directions
3 - 8 different concepts: jaam (chop), chit (slice), biu (stab), chi (stick/slide), kau (trap), chaap (ice pick), jing dao (forward grab/hold), and faan dao (reverse grab/hold)

These knives relate back to all three of these meanings and are designed for actual practice and sparring. Once people understand that this knife is designed for all the functions of Wing Chun rather than just Southern Butterfly Knives, they will want to own an authentic set.

Blade Length: 12 inches
Blade Width: 5.6 cm
Total length: 45 cm
Total width: 15.5 cm
Handle Length: 5.5 inches (Grip 11 cm)
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