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These videos cut to the core of human structure and function, as it pertains to Wing Chun. Owning and absorbing the information in these lectures will add an extra measure of excellence to your skills. Learn More >>
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Anatomy and Physiology for Wing Chun Excellence

Applying the Principles of Human Structure and Function to the Way of the Wise Warrior

THIS VIDEO SET was designed to cut to the core of human structure and function, as it pertains to Wing Chun practice and excellence. Only those body systems directly related to martial arts performance are presented. There's no unnecessary academic fluff. Each segment delivers practical performance-enhancing facts, principles, and strategic concepts that will help you improve your personal capacity and gain the critical edge in battle, whenever it's required. Owning and absorbing the information in these lectures will add an extra measure of excellence to your Wing Chun skills, confidence and character as one who walks "The Way of the Wise Warrior". This material will make you more "streetwise" to the strengths and weaknesses of your own body and that of any opponent.

Steve Barninger is your presenter for all four lectures. Trained in medicine, with a specialty in surgery, Steve has taught clinical anatomy at two medical schools and served for five years as a county coroner in the investigation and prosecution of wrongful death. This has given him a detailed understanding of the realities of human combat. From that foundation, Steve sees the Wing Chun Way of supporting respectful, peaceful life, and acting to counter those forces that oppose it, as a sacred trust. He is honored to support and expand this "Way" through these presentations.

In LECTURE 1 - "Introductory Concepts" - you will learn about the inseparable connection between structure and function in the human body and how it correlates to Wing Chun principles and practice, in daily self-management, self-development and combat. The flow of energy from inward-outward and outward-inward is balanced in nature. This section gives you ways to balance your own energy flow and gain maximum performance in Kung Fu and in life, by proper application of the natural principles which anatomy and physiology bring to life.

You will learn repeated practical illustrations of a key performance-improving natural law: structure predicts and enables function, and thereby enhances or impedes action. That key will be repeatedly demonstrated to help you greatly enhance your own Kung Fu performance, by understanding human structure and function as a unified system. Matter and energy are always alive and adapting. You will learn through many practical examples how this core concept in every part of life - including self-defense and pre-emptive attack - are the foundations of excellent performance built on internal confidence and external results.

LECTURE 2 "Bones and Skeletal System" - presents information that's fundamental for excellent performance in every martial art. This lecture emphasizes ways you can most effectively use and protect your own bones and how your bones empower and protect you. Bones provide the framework that holds you erect, the levers that give you power and momentum and the cage that gives your vital organs protection. From the defensive perspective, understanding the skeletal system as presented in this section will enable you to maximize your physical stance, force, power, velocity, momentum and protection. From the offensive perspective, this knowledge will also increase your capacity to diminish these components in the postures and moves of your opponent. Joints are discussed from both defensive and offensive perspectives with emphasis on the most effective lines for thrust for disabling the most aggressive opponents.

Next, a discussion on the microscopic structure and function of bone tissue will give you a better understanding of physical strength and the conservation of mass and energy, which you can use to improve every aspect of your Wing Chun practice and your life in general. Finally, the muscular system is lightly introduced to create the basic functional relationship between bone - the framework for all your movements - and muscle, the living engine that drives your movements.

LECTURE 3 "Muscle Tissue, Energy Production, and Muscles" - lifts the hood on the world of muscle and takes you deep inside your own internal "engine room". It's a fascinating world, and understanding it will improve your health, confidence and skill as a martial artist. You will gain a solid understanding of complex structures and processes, presented with ordinary words and examples that everyone can immediately grasp and apply. The bottom line is that there is nothing which moves inside your body - including air and blood - without the action of healthy, rhythmically contracting muscle tissue. Also, no body can move itself or other objects without the coordinated action of muscles. What most people never consider is that muscle tissue is where the vast majority of living energy is delivered and burned. In this section you will learn the practical details of how the body's "main engine" functions and burns fuel. All of this will be presented in ways that will give you a critical advantage for achieving excellence in all Wing Chun performance.

These are some of the main topics covered to help you improve your health, strength, workouts and battle readiness: care and feeding of muscles, twitch cycles and muscle response velocity, muscle recruitment, muscle training and memory, exercise and muscle development, muscle positioning for maximum strength and most stable stance, muscular points of attack and the care of muscular injuries. None of this is theoretical. It's all practical and designed to make you a more conscious and effective "owner-operator" of your own muscle "engines".

LECTURE 4 "The Heart" is not the body's "fuel pump" as many people suppose. Your body cells do not burn blood, and they don't burn oxygen either. But every cell in your body does burn the breakdown products of simple sugars extracted from food in the presence of oxygen, which is circulated by your blood. Also, the waste products from all that energy-burning are carried away by your blood. All of that is moved by your heart. So all the muscle in the world, attached to the very best bones in the world, will do nothing, go nowhere and defend no-one without good heart function. The heart is the foundation support organ for all other physical performance. For Wing Chun excellence, "Ya Gotta Have Heart" - a good, strong one that you're tuned into with some heart smarts.

In this section, you will pick up a lot of heart smarts that relate to heart conditioning, care and repair. The information will give you practical understanding for using, training and maintaining the heart at peak performance without risk of injury. You'll also learn about basic types of heart injury, with emphasis on emergency care of acute heart injury. You'll also gain insights on heart function and moves in battle.

This entire series is presented using the "Whole-Part-Whole" approach, meaning you will begin with a whole picture overview, then move to the individual parts of the picture, then pull it all together again as a total set of integrated tools you can use to improve your Wing Chun performance, from wherever you are to whatever next level of excellence you desire to achieve.

EWC Notes: These videos were filmed for a private audience of Wing Chun instructors in the mid 1990's and the video and audio quality are of VHS quality filmed by a non-professional. The "Muscles" disk has an audio hiss, but you can hear and learn from this material regardless.
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